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Beer & Home Theatre

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Came across this guy's HT ( via my golf forum ).
He has his own micro brew & lounge attached to his HT.
Looks like he has a business selling home micro brew equipment ,and this is his personal setup.

I think he deserves a "Man-Cave" award biggrin.gif


- Andy
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Thanks for the props Andy!

I'm a long time AVS'er too (and home theater buff). HT came as a hobby waaay before beer brewing and made me start Curt's site at CurtPalme.com as well as write the Greyscale & Colour Calibration for Dummies guide years ago when there wasn't anything similar available for free.

I've been brewing since the early 1990's and when I wanted to get really serious about it about around 2008 or so, I couldn't find any commercially available solution that met my requirements so I designed and built my own commercial grade setup from the ground up and documented the whole process and posted it at TheElectricBrewery.com for others to follow if they wished.

This basement is my second 'full blown' HT but I haven't posted much on the HT side here at AVS as I'm still working out some details. (Like acoustical tiles to be built around the screen and around the room a bit especially at the first reflection points - I just haven't found the time to work on it but have the GOM samples ready to go...). For now I'm using the tiles from my old setup just around the screen to create a bit of a 'floating screen' look.

Some recent pics:



Lounge & HT:

More pictures of the entire HT/basement build are here: www.theelectricbrewery.com/basement

I blogged the entire construction process in gory detail with lots of photos. A lot of what I've learnt is thanks to AVS and 13+ years I've been reading/posting here!

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Kal, you can't hear it, but I'm clapping.

I give you serious respect for the entire project: the basement looks great, craft brewing is something I have grown to greatly respect over the past 2 years, and I like the open concept to the theater area- it compromises some on acoustics and left to right consistency, but excells in practicality.

Excellent work.

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Beautiful lay out of the different rooms with fine taste in furnishings. Congrats...
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Just too cool ! Clean lines ,what a fantastic job.cool.gifcool.gif

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Way cool! I actually have your Electric Brewery link bookmarked since I discovered it (a few?) years ago. I've been saving the link since I definitely want to implement a similar brewing facility in my next home. Awesome site with great advice!
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