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Grafik eye QS versus 3500

Poll Results: Lutron Grafik Eye: 3506 vs QS

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I can't seem to decide between purchasing the 3506 grafik eye versus the QS model.  And if I purchase the qs, what model number.  This is what I need for my home theater currently:


Zone 1: Can lights above seats

Zone 2: Can lights by screen

Zone 3: Sconces

Zone 4: Rope lighting at stage

Zone 5: step lighting


I read thru the whole definitve grafik eye thread but just as I read it and would lean one way, I would read more and tend to lead the other way.  I appreciate any input.  Thank you.

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I wanted to add that I do not need shade control.  I believe the wireless QS model for 6 zones is QSGRJ-6P.

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The QS has a hard-wired IR port on the back, and is also compatible with RadioRA2 if you ever want to incorporate the GE into a larger system, or want to control via IR (which is what I did).
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What types of loads are you running for each of these zones? Are they all 120v incandescent / halogen / xenon? QS is the only one with the ability to control LED loads that are less than 120v.

Jautor has it right with the IR....the QS can accept the IR input from the back of the unit whereas the 3500 only has the IR target on the front. The IR emitter can be hidden underneath the front cover for an equally stealth look and functionality, so don't let IR integration steer your decision.

Quite simply, if you have LED anything that's less than 120v, then you have to go with QS, otherwise save yourself the $$ and go with the 3500 series.
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I did let IR integration steer me to the QS's.  Just hooked up the first GE this weekend.  Have 3 of the 6 loads currently fully wired.  Works like a charm.  All incandescent loads.  I will try the IR integration this week.

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Does the QS need a low voltage interface to connect low voltage wiring like the 3500 does?

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If you use the bus port, then yes. Options are RS-232 and TCP/IP control via the bus.

Lutron "speak" is natively RS-485, so the device essentially translates the communications protocol coming from the bus to interface with the control system.
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