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COLOR Control

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I know it adjusts luminance of RGB all at the same time and can also have a small impact on saturation, but I'm curious how an increase or decrease in the setting correlates to an increase or decrease in luminance of R, G, & B ? For instance, does an increase in the Color control always increase Red and Blue luminance but decrease Green at the same time ? And how does saturation move relative to luminance ? I've google'd but can't seem to find the correlation.

I know I should be able to figure this out with a little bit of testing on my VT50, but I'm also curious if the workings of the Color control are universal and consistent among manufacturers ?

The reason I am asking is that I am max'ing out saturation on Blue in my VT50's CMS and just trying to figure out if I can gain some headroom by adjusting the Color control one way or another prior to my color decoding adjustments.
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it's not consistent on generations, manufacturers, Regions and can be different between models and even a model's firmware (e.g. North American Panasonic VT30). Some picture modes on some models don't' even an active color control (e.g. Sharp's ISFccc).

I would spend some time to see the interactions on your model, though in reality on the NA VT50, color at or near 50 should be right.
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Thanks Turbe. I will do a little bit of experimentation next time I set up my equipment. I agree that 50 is pretty good overall for my VT50 but if I can pick up a little additional saturation in Blue with a minor Color adjustment, it might be worthwhile.
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I see peeps setting color in the low mid 40s.If I did that on my Samsung it would look way too low.Around 50 works on mine.
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The first calibration I did with my VT50, I set Color at 45, but I was only looking to balance luminance and minimize the luminance adjustments in the CMS. I don't remember if it had any impact on saturation. I can't think of any reason to change the Color control on a TV with a CMS, other than the situation I am encountering where I have to max out one of the parameters (luminance, saturation, or hue). My luminance adjustments were all under 10 with a Color setting of 50, and no Hue adjustments greater than 20. That one +50 saturation adjustment bugs me though. The next highest saturation adjustment was +19 for Green.
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stash, you may want to uninstall calman and device driver kit, then reinstall both.. then profile the i1d3 to your i1Pro again..

Lastly, do you have your duo in the loop to?
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I actually just purchased the Enthusiast upgrade, so I could re-install once I have the upgrade license. Why do you suggest a re-install ?

I have had some errors when trying to profile in the past and that is why I have not done so recently.

My Duo is not permanently hooked up. I just don't have room for it. It only comes out when I want to use it's pattern generator feature. I did make sure CMS bypass was enabled last time I used it. For these next few rounds, however, I intend to calibrate with the AVS patterns disc. I would like to get a baseline using APL patterns and then I will probably use the Duo for future adjustments just for speed and convenience. Wish DVDO would upgrade their patterns to APL.
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Movie default 50 was fine for mine but what I found odd was the tint had to be moved to about G54/R46. Even with the CMS adjusted. Green, Red and Magenta 50% was a fair bit off pulling to the right but once it was adjusted it then lined up. So to speak. Though it caused Cyan 100% to go off slightly.

I managed to get my primaries and secondary colours below 2. Compared to before of 3.55.


Anyone know why Samsung's Standard mode of 50 is badly saturated? 25% points were through the roof with lots of clipping. It had to come down to 38 for the points to more or less sit in their rightful place.

Is there any Samsung that doesn't clip at 50? and is Standard supposed to be a neon/saturated type look that so many seem to like for sports?
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]I tried standard like some people but the colors don't look right when using same settings as movie.grayscale or colors might of been more blueish. I have 53/47 tint too ,as when I raise red gain too much it has magenta skin tone. I do have pink clouds sometimes and pink whites when there's a lot of white on screen. and not sure how too remedy other than green gain but it causes other problems.Pinkwhites is a common problem from what I've read.
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