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DENON AVR-X4000 with B&W CM9

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I am considering purchasing the Denon AVR-X4000 receiver and a couple of B&W CM9, but I am unsure if the receiver can power the CM9's (I have heard they are very power hungry).


I like the Denon feature set and it is around my budget. The long term plan is to invest in the full CM series for a full 5.1 setup, but my initial setup would be the receiver and the two speakers. The setup would be used for bluray movies and Spotify music streaming.


Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.


Thanks! :-)



Panasonic G20 50"

Panasonic DMP-BDT500

Logitech Z-5500 5.1 surround

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The X4000 is a very good AVR. Unless you have an unusually long listening distance &/or listen at extreme SPL's, it will be fine powering the CM9's.

To relieve the AVR of power sapping low frequency amplification duties, and contribute the most to your listening experience, your next purchase in your upgrade path should be a sub (or two).

Welcome to AVS!
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I power a pair of CM9s with a Harman Kardon receiver and it is plenty loud.
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Thanks! - I will see if I can get a demo unit or something :)

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It's plenty of receiver for the speakers. I'm running the previous model, Denon 3313. Was using CM9's in the front with CMC2. Have since sold the CMC2 and moved the CM9's in the back for surrounds. Also running 4 ohm MartinLogan Theos and Stage in the front and no problems. Basically doing the worst things you can to a receiver, running 4 ohm electrostats that dip down to under 1 ohm, running different speaker ohm ratings with the 8 ohm CM9's and never a peep of complaint from the Denon.
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Originally Posted by tjensen View Post

Thanks! - I will see if I can get a demo unit or something smile.gif

In your shopping around, be sure to give AVS's own jdsmoothie a call and twist his arm for his best price on the X4000.
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I am actually based in Denmark, so the import tax would kill me :) But thanks for the suggestion!

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My apologies, I assumed you were in the US. I'm in Australia and we pay around AU$2000 for the X4000.

You might consider last years AVR-3313 if you can't find an affordable price for the X4000. The notable step down with the 3313 is Audyssey XT instead of XT32, but XT will still do a perfectly reasonable job on a single sub or symmetrically placed dual subs. If you don't need all the up-to-date features, the Denon AVR-4311 is an excellent AVR that should be good value if you can still find one.

Both will be fine to power the B&W's.

I see Fred and Mary are in Sydney at the moment. smile.gif
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My Denon 3312 (similar to X4000) powers my B&W 802D2 just fine in 2.0 mode. It can output 225 Watts per channel x 2 CH into 4 ohms.

These speakers are a lot easier to drive than internet hearsay (or dealers who want to rip you off) suggests.

Don't lose any sleep over it.
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After listening to various speaker combinations, I ended up purchasing the following:


2x CM5

1x CMC2

1x ASW 10CM subwoofer

1x Denon AVR-X4000


which I will combine with my old speakers for a 7.1 surround setup. It will be delivered wednesday! :D

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Good work TJ! Thanks for reporting the outcome. smile.gif
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