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Awful amount of screen tearing using PC + TV

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Here is my system:

core i5 750

12 gb ram

2x HD 5850 on crossfireX mode

LG monitor W2353 1080p 60hz on DVI 

Samsung TV 46F7500 1080p 60hz on HDMI

Windows 7


I'm using a duplicate (clone) display setup. But I get a lot of tearing on both screens whey playing any kind of movie. Even in exented display I get tearing. How do I solve that?

I've tried forcing vsinc with no success.

There is another problem that should be associated: sometimes the video card (or the TV) "losses" the resolution information, as if the TV and the video card aren't able to communicate properly. I turn on the computer and the TV has drop to 640x480 and I can't change it anymore (grayed out). Also the TV is recognized as a non PNP (plug and play) monitor when this happens. I can force it to display 1080p using Catalyst Control Center (CCC) but when i restart the computer it "erases" the resolution settings as if I have connected a new TV. Sometimes it gets back to 1080p (recognizing the TV properly) sometimes it doesn't. 

My video card drivers are up to date. 

If I disconnect the HDMI cable from the TV **AND** the computer and connect again it recognizes the TV as it should (1080p). But after some time, for no apparent reason, it ends up "loosing" the resolution info as I said before. 

I realized that the TV is "always on" for the video card, even if i turn it of. To illustrate: if i have an extended setup, my mouse continuous to disappear into the TV, even if it's turned off by the remote control. I don't know if this would be related to the problem. 

I've already formatted my PC because of this.

This problem is getting me crazy. Why can't my PC, monitor and TV work all together?! Why are movies tearing so much?


Thank you guys! Any help is very much welcome.

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Also i've noticed that the desktop  (windows and stuff) are tearing when i drag them. 

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That's very strange. Do you have Aero enabled?
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Yes. I use it by default. If i choose only one monitor do display the desktop, than everything is ok. But if both are on, than I have the tearing. 

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Look like a known issue with HD5850, some have tried lowering clock speeds to help. Goggle "HD5850 video tearing"
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The funny thing is that i didn't have this before with the other TV. 

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Could the cable length difference (only 1,5m or 5ft) between each other cause this issue? 

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Hum... something really interesting just happened: with the clone mode on i've set the TV as the primary/prefferd display. The tearing on both displays disappeared!! : D

The problem is that games only play full screen on the TV, even when i'ts on standby. What now? Any idea on how should this help solve the problem? Or at least lead to it's origin? 

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It loose the TVs info abbout the resolution again : ( It is not recognizing it as a PNP display.

What should i do? 

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