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DarbeeVision DVP5000 (darblet) and Outlaw 975 AV processor

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Does anyone on this forum own this combination?
And if so do you have HDMI handshake issue (e.g. image off and on (or all magenta) screen?
How did you solve it?

My connection is
Outlaw 975 (via 6ft HDMI cable) to DVP5000 (via 30 foot HDMI cable) to JVC DLA RS46 projector.
* changing connection so that Outlaw 975 (via 6 foot HDMI) to DVP5000 (via 6 foot HDMI cable ) to projector does NOT solve issue
* deep color OFF and CEC turned OFF on BD player, PS3 and projector.

My solutions
(1) unplug AC to DVP5000 for at least 10 seconds each time I change HDMI source on the Outlaw 975 and then replug power to DVP5000
(other family members do not like this solution)
(2) removing AV processor (Outlaw 975) and direct connecting each source to DVP5000 then via 30 foot HDMI (or via 6 foot) HDMI to projector SOLVES problem
(of course this solution gives no sound).

I have apparently exhausted all suggestions from AVScience Mike Garrett. Have yet to hear from Darbee (though per other Darbee Darblet thread (with 7177 posts) they have understandable reasons for back log). Outlaw Audio kindly will examine the 975 (I will be mailing to them).
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More information since above post.
* Tom Faust of DarbeeVision sent me message; They examined my original DVP5000 and found no problems . They cannot replicate my problem; but they do not have Outlaw 975 on hand. Currently using replacement DVP5000 that DarbeeVision sent me and same problem as 1st unit. Mr. Faust has no other suggestions.
* Will be sending Outlaw 975 back to Outlaw in Massachusetts for their technician to examine it for potential problems. Tech support I spoke with has DVP5000 on hand there. Very kind of Outlaw to pay for shipping to and from them for this examination.
* failed to mention in above post, both DVP5000 with latest firmware; I also searched DarbleeVision Darblet thread (one with 7191 posts and growing ) and no responses with seach terms "outlaw" or "975"; also in that thread Mark Haflitch post 7190 noted.

I think the problem is with the AV processor (Outlaw 975). Its only HDMI output is "HDMI/ARC". Per DarbeeVision website FAQ , DVP5000 does not support ARC at present. But per Outlaw tech support, there is no way to turn this off and they feels this is not the issue. As stated above my 975 will be going back to Outlaw for examination by them.

For now only fix is solution (1) {i.e. unplug AC , wait >10 seconds and replug AC to DVP 5000 with each HDMI source change}. Just turning DVP5000 to 0% does not work. While I am fine with this solution, my other family members (wife and kids) finds this solution too cumbersome and they are height limited (with DVP5000 currently on the ceiling mounted projector) . Other placement for DVP5000 is in equipment rack which would requires walk outside theater into other side of basement .....REALLY unpopular choice.

Again if there are any AVSforum members using the DVP5000 (Darblet) with Outlaw 975, your experience would be greatly appreciated.
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