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Baby proofing equipment

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so i know there a few topics regarding this but i cant seem to find what im looking for. i know i had found it somewhere on here before i had my son. well now hes crawling all around and loves trying to push buttons on ps3, xbox, receiver, and comcast box.

what are the pastic screens that sit under the equipment and bend up in front of it so they cant push the buttons? i tried searching for almost everything i could think of on Amazon. someone had posted some links on here before but cant find the thread. any help would be much appreciated.
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No idea, but it sounds like 3/16 plexiglass glued at a 90 degree angle like a 5x5 angle iron you place under the front feet of the gear?
Just make them yourself of visit your local glass/plastic fabricator with length measurements and have them made to fit your setup.

Did some searching

Maybe this is the thread you were looking for?
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As a general rule, I would suggest you never underestimate the resourcefulness of a toddler.
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Beyond not allowing access to the actual room your electronics are in that you do not want your child to touch,
you are ultimately out of luck. Personally, I actually try to have 1 or 2 old remotes/controllers lying around that I
could not care less about and that keeps my kid away from the stuff I don't want him to touch while he is in the
room with me. Either that or ensure he brings toys with him that he wants to play with while in the room. Otherwise
he is never allowed in the room unless I am there. Simple as that.
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This is how you prevent your kids from messing with your equipment.

Dads can do it.
Moms can do it.

Stop spoiling kids and start parenting.
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When my son was toddeling we lived in a high-rise apartment with 2 balconies. I had a kid fence across the living room that split off the sliding glass door and the stereo equipment. I was fortunate, he was neither a huge climber (one of his friends pushed a char over to the fence to climb over it) and he listened pretty well when told what not to do. I gave him an old broken remote and an old mobile phone. He did stick his finger through the speaker surround on one of my desktop computer speakers (it has a tiny hole to this day) but overall, I guess I was lucky.
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We have an active 2-1/2 yr. old. We purchased this entertainment console:


Removed all the knobs (he can’t open anything … even hard for me too) … it’s a taller stand, we placed thin wood paneling on the back of it, to prevent him from getting to the component wires, etc. We have plastic storage bins for his toys in the bottom space … Speakers are bolted to the console with metal brackets, and speaker carpet spikes help too … the TV sit’s on stand, and is anchored to wall with metal eyelets, and HD wire. It’s worked well so far, lol … Center is set to phantom ... Rear surrounds are high enough, but he has pulled on the wires ...

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Wish i could find a picture of my enclosed entertainment center that I taped everything shut with blue painters tape. Worked well until my 2 and 3 year old boys figured out how to get it off. We moved on to method found in post #5
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thanks for info. i think im going to go all out and write up a DIY. im going to buy few sheets of plexiglass from hardware store. then measure and cut every size i want. then heat it up to bend it where i need.

what id like to get to is a piece of plexis that fits perfectly into shelf size that the weight of the device can sit on it, then it fold up in front of it and bend in on the sides so he cant get his little hands behind it. ill post a link once complete. ill make some time here in next couple weeks to complete.
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