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This burn in?

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So i had samsung take a look at this and they say its burn in and they refuse to cover it under warranty. Tv is just over a year old. Anyway to fix this aside from replacing panel/tv?


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I take it you watch alot of 4:3 content ? That is uneven pixel wear
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Anyway to even it back out, and then correct the whites etc afterwards?

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the only thing you can really do is running the break in slides to try and even it out a bit. how much 4:3 do you watch? like 98%? I've never seen anything quite like that before
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Holy crap, I have never seen that before either. Man people still watch 4:3 content these days? Running slides won't do a damn thing by the way, if he watched regular fullscreen content for a few weeks and it hasn't gone away, I'm afraid it's permanent BI.
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Haha this is my mom were talking about here. She has really no idea of the difference. so she just watches what ever show on whatever channel she finds it. I might just raise up a big stink with Samsung and see if I get lucky or I'll just have to coach her on watching more hd content to slow it down i guess. This sucks tv is only a year old and there's no way im paying 700 to repair a tv we only paid 450 for.

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You can try running at inverse 4:3 image for a few hours where the center is black and the sides are white.

This will wear the pixels that have not been used as much. I don't know how many hours it would take, but running it over night, for a few nights, could potentially start to even things out.

4:3 inverse
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