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I have a HTPC connected to my home theatre running XBMC/OpenELEC. I haven't been able to get a VPN service (PrivateInternetAccess) to run correctly on XBMC/OpenELEC so I figured maybe a hardware approach by installing a 2nd (cheap) router that can be flashed to run DD-WRT would work.


As I was drawing these diagrams I forgot about QNAP media server and just added it to the diagram realizing that would rule our option to as I wouldn't have a LAN connection to HTPC unless maybe there was a switch involved?


Anyways my question is would option 1 work by adding the 2nd VPN router to an open port on the D-Link router? Also, if anyone has comments or suggestions on how to better this setup or maybe a 3rd option by all means please send them my way.


Another option although more expensive would be to upgrade my DIR-655 to a router with gigabit speeds, VPN and/or DD-WRT compatibility.





A quick note. I haven't bought the Linksys E1200 router yet.... but I will for ~$50 Cdn as it seems like the best option.


Also my house is wired for Cat5e and the cable modem, media server, printer and DIR-655 router are all installed in my laundry room with a network box (RJ45) to each room.


The room with my main PC has 2 network jacks and my PC has two network ports. Instead of using the PIA software to connect to VPN could I just do a switch in network settings to other network connection. Is there any advantage to that rather than using software?