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Disable mcupdate task?

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Does anyone know if the 7MC guide is updated as part of the mcupdate_scheduled task, or whether it's done as a separate task? I'm having regular problems with that damn startresources.dll file which is occasionally downloaded (I think) from the mcupdate_scheduled task. As there won't be any more MC updates I'm tempted to disable this task, but obviously I want to make sure the guide updates are still downloaded automatically.
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I'm pretty sure the guide updates is a different process.
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Thanks. I'm hoping that this is the case. I'm going to try and disable the task, and see what happens.
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There seems to be a global lack of knowledge on exactly what the command line switches on mcupdate do (this is the command that runs within the mcupdate_scheduled task). There's no inbuilt help in this command, so it's very difficult to know what it's doing. Certainly the -u parameter seems to check for new package updates, but that isn't on the command my system runs, which specifically is;

mcupdate -crl -hms -pscn 15

Nothing here indicates which parameter (if any) does a guide download, and I believe one of these options also triggers an in-band check to see if there are any OTA channel changes. The package updates seem to be very US specific as well, so wouldn't apply to me anyway. One of these packages though is the seemingly random download of startresources.dll, which causes no end of problems for me when it downloads occasionally, and it's averaging about once a month at the moment.

It's difficult to believe that, after all this time, this command is still hardly understood. It's certainly responsible for waking many HTPC's in the middle of the night. I've disabled it for now, but I don't want whatever it does to start causing problems over time if it isn't running anymore.

There also used to be a documented method of controlling the time of the guide download, but I don't know if this still applies to 7MC. Anything I could find on this seemed to go back to Vista/TVPack in 2008.
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I think I've had this disabled for ages on my HTPC with no problems.
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