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DIY 12V Boombox help.

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Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right category for my question but if it isnt please move it,

Everyday on my way to school I like to listen to my music out loud with my friends, I used to do it with my phone but it ends up hard to hear especially with traffic and such, I made a pair of logitech ls11 speakers portable by powering them off batteries and putting them in a cardboard box, They were alright volume(About as loud as my phone) and had a bit more quality than my phone, But they ran out of batteries within an hour of use and that was getting inefficient and expensive.

So i've decided I want to undertake a project where i'm going to use a 12v sealed lead acid battery and use it to power some speakers and a sub.

So heres what I need.

*Speaker, Preferably a full range car speaker of some sort
*Subwoofer, Needs to provide good bass at loud volumes
*LOUD, Most important bit, Needs to be quite loud that can be heard easily over traffice with good quality and bass
*Portable, Needs to last for atleast 2-3 hours a day and be light.
* Size, Needs to fit in my schoolbag with a bit of room to spare.
*Enclosure for all the speakers

This is my schoolbag, It's a Nike one its not too small but its not very big either http://sportitemsstore.com/product/nike-backpack-bag-sand-blue-athletic-school-gym-travel-laptop-bags-ba4378-414/

I can build my own enclosure.

So does anyone have any tips or anything?
I was thinking 4 inch car speakers and a 6 inch sub?
It needs to be around $100-120
And available in Australia

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sounds like you need a ghettoblaster and some rechargeable batteries.

the headphone out from the phone could be use via an adapter to the rca inputs on the blaster.

or is there some reason why you want to diy the thing?
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There is a ton of battery powered speakers out there. Here is one. http://www.soundandvision.com/content/review-cambridge-soundworks-oontz-and-oontz-xl-0
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