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I have a collection of HD DVD and blu-ray titles on my FlexRAID server/HTPC. I've been using the last version of Arcsoft TMT 5 prior to cinavia protection.

Everything works great except Arcsoft's programming is too shoddy. It's so badly designed that it spins up all 16 of my hard drives prior to playing a blu-ray or HD-DVD disc image, even though the iso image is already loaded by Virtual Clone Drive and all that is needed is for TMT 5 to auto-play the image. So, for now, I'm forced to leave all hard disks spinning so that TMT 5 will not crash (it times out and crashes as windows spins up the drives one by one). My other complaint is auto-refresh rate switching never worked right with TMT 5, and there is little support on the Arcsoft's forum (only numerous complaints of real problems that go unsolved).

I tried the trial PowerDVD 13 briefly, and it only spins up the drive with the iso file on it when the disc is auto inserted (via My Movies and CloneDrive). Everything seemed to load fine.

However, I'm wondering what gotcha's there are with PowerDVD 13 when using it's Media Center interface along with My Movies (aside from the one's I have noted below)?
  • All my HD-DVD iso's will have to converted to mkv files (no HD-DVD support in PowerDVD 13). This is kind of a pain, but not too much to deal with.
  • I have read that there is no remote support beyond basic play/pause/etc..., but I figure I can either use sendkeys directly or EventGhost and hotkeys to work around this?
  • PowerDVD 13 has Cinavia protection built in, but AnyDVD HD states they have a workaround for all versions of TMT, PowerDVD and WinDVD.