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lg pa75u and plex

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I'm at my wits end around this.  I have installed the latest release of plex on my pc.  I named it familyplex.  My projector see "familyplex" but states "no files"  In other words, I am clueless.  When I start plex on my pc, i can see all my movies, cover art etc.. but im not able to view or play from the projector.  though I can use dnla to view the files.

Thank you for any help!

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further info. My playstation recognizes plex and can see files.

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Last I heard LG had discontinued it's native Plex client MediaLink.

So there is no Plex client on LG devices any more unless Plex come up with one themselves.

You can use DLNA to access the Plex server if you go through the smartlink app which I think is the name for their DLNA player, if thats what you have been doing then it sounds like the Plex server is not applying the correct LG profile to it.

Try Serviio or Mezzmo instead to make sure the device works and it's a Plex problem.
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