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Did I make the right choice? (Gaming TV)

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I bought a Sony 47W802A yesterday. It's a great tv input lag wise, but I just can't seem to get over the crappy black levels of this tv. No matter what settings I use, if i watch the tv in a dark room, blacks are more like dark grey. The enhanced contrast enhancer fixes blacks for black screens, but as soon as something bright appears, the contrast adjusts and it gets distracting.

I could have gotten the Panasonic ST60, but keep hearing the input lag sucks, and there seems to be a significant amount of babysitting that needs to be done on the tv because of IR/Burn in. I don't wan to deal with that.

I don't want another samsung because I have had a 2 month back and forth problem with customer service on my last tv. And i'm not a fan of Toshiba, Vizio, or LG.

Seems like the only tv that can rival plasma level blacks is the Sony W900A,but that only comes in 55 inches which is too big for my living space. Why it doesn't come in 47 inches I will never know.

Should I just deal with it? Anyone with a St60 care to chime in?
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Sometimes you can't have the best of both worlds. Yes the Sony is best for gaming because of the input lag but it's an LCD. You will never have blacks of a plasma on your budget. It's a gaming tv , I wouldn't worry about it so much. Didn't you check the S60? It's cheap and good for gaming with the black levels you are looking for. All the stuff you read on the plasma forums it's not necessary, although some panels are more prone to IR for some reason. Obviously if you just game on it for 8hrs / day, everyday you probably will have some sort of IR. So you are better off with the Sony and live with it. I have last year's GT50 and game on it all the time , never had a problem with anything and have an amazing picture quality with the deep inky blacks.
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