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I have decided to purchase an A/V receiver with pre-outs instead of a pre-pro surround processor to connect to 3 Peavey stereo amps that were given to me. The amps will be driving a total of 6 Yamaha CV115 club speakers inside my 75' x 50' x 16' metal shop. I've always been a fan of Pioneer receivers and have narrowed my choice to a refurbished 2012 SC-65 and a 2013 SC-72. The best I can determine, the differences include;

SC-65 - 9.2 channels, THX Select 2 Plus Certified, 32 bit high sampling, many video parameter adjustments.

SC-72 - 7.2 channels, 24 bit high sampling, two channel tone control, Spotify Connect, 4000 Ultra HD upscaling, fewer video paramater adjustments.

Any reason to choose one over the other since the number of channels and power of the amps is not a factor? Will the 32 bit high sampling provide an audible difference in sound quality? I will connect the unit to my home network and will be adding the bluetooth adapter as well.

Thanks for any input.