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I am using an OPPO 93 with a stand alone Darbee. It is interesting that OPPO is integrating it into their player for only $100 more which makes it a real good deal if you like the Darbee effect.
I love the OPPO players. The build quality and customer service cannot be beat.
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Also any buying guide really needs to point out that pq in terms of blu-ray players is basically non existent for blu-rays, the more expensive players generally get there main benefit in this area when upscaling dvd;s.
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Well since you what's my favorite bluray players,the Oppo-93 and the Panasonic BDT-500 and 330 and Denon2010ci gives the best sound effects when playing movies,But Sony 790 has more streaming.My family and friends think Im audio and video freak.
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Well we all know oppo is top dog, but my steal goes to the Pioneer Elite BDP62FD this thing plays everything including SACD for a street price of 120-150 now is an excellent deal as well as being network ready. Mine at home has not given me any issues whatsoever and works great with 24 playback.. It's very quiet and load times are super quick. The only knack I have is the remote not being lighted and sensitivity is so so other than that this things is awesome for the price it deserves 5 stars.
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My vote goes to the Oppo 103.
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I just picked up a Panasonic DMP-BDT500 Blu-ray player discounted on Amazon based on some real positive reviews.
This player is outstanding. WiFi works great and am using the analog outs for sound which hit way above it's price point.
Burr-Brown DAC's and many options make me very happy. The only thing missing is SACD, DVD-A and HDCD which my Denon DVD-2930ci has so I guess I will use both.
Just for the record the Panasonic equals the Denon in sound quality and sells for way less making it a pleasant surprise!
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Very happy with my Panasonic DMP-BDT220 which I picked up new for $80 earlier in the year. Fast load, clean menus and beautiful picture quality. I would prefer the Oppo 103 for its solid build and other features, but the Panny fits a height limitation perfectly in my equipment rack presently.
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Oppo BDP-105. Amazing sound with flexibility along with excellent picture quality. Not to forget mention how quiet it is.
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Don't you know most people are going to say that the BD player they have is the best? Who is going to say that something other than what they bought is the best?

That said, I just bought an Oppo BDP-105, and couldn't be happier. It's not just the excellent video quality or audiophile audio it provides that makes it great. It also plays PAL, SACD, and DVD-Audio disks. It has an excellent remote, it is built like a tank, and has too many good little features to mention here. OK, I lied; here's one - you can adjust the position of subtitles on the screen. This is meant for people that use it with projectors, but I find it useful even on my plasma screen. This is just one example of the many little features this player has that the cheaper ones don't. For me, the only competition would be the BDP-103.

I also have an older Oppo player, the BDP-83SE, which I moved from my home theater into my bedroom. It is an definite upgrade to that system, too!
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While I would like a Oppo 103D my Pioneer elite bdp-62fd has been excellent. It has comparable video quality to some Oppo units (at least that is what I read from reviews) for less money.
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Heard so much about the OPPO players, so I bit the dust and bought an OPPO Bdp 103 player.
Believe it's one of best players on the market today. Have been completely satisfied with it.

Frank DiVall
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I've been rocking a PS3 since release date for my primary blu-ray player. Very diverse and does multiple apps/games.

When I get my XBOX One, it most likely will replace my PS3 as a blu-ray player.
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One that plays hi-res FLAC gapless in either DLNA Renderer mode or from a multi-FLAC CUE on a USB, with a quality iPad control app.

In other words, I'm still looking.
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Panasonic BDT220. I only care about PQ, and the price is just right. No need to get anything more expensive.
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I would say the PS3. Very well supported, with a lot of apps, and uses. I will be getting a PS4 in the future.

But all in all, I would say the "best Blu-Ray" is probably the CHEAPEST Sony/Panny/Samsung(whichever apps on each you prefer on any of them) you can find as an "Open Box" or "Clearance" at a local Best Buy/Sears/HH Gregg/etc....

The Blu-Ray playback on most of these units is going to be the same, SPECTACULAR. It is the DVD upscaling where units like the OPPO really shine. But they are just not worth the price IMHO. Not at this stage of the game.

You can find an awesome Blu-Ray player at a fraction of it's original cost as an OPEN BOX unit. And those units, at least the ones I have gotten, typically are the ones the stores simply open up, and place on the shelf. THEY JUST SIT THERE! Then are sold as OB's for a fraction of the original MSRP.

This is the way to buy a Blu-Ray player IMHO. As long as it has it's original A/C Cord, and remote(Instructions can be easily found online), you cannot beat the price.

The Sony S5100, which has built in Wireless, Remote, A/C cord, can be found near me for about 60% it's original MSRP. That is a STEAL IMHO, and the way to buy Blu-Ray players(and Receivers IMHO).

A TV? Nope. Buy new. The above, I would never pay full price for. Not when one can be found that is just "sitting" on a shelf. Best way to go, and that is the "BEST" Blu-Ray player you can find.
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I still use cheap ol samsung bdp 1500,

runs quiet no smart apps and pop in a movie and hit play. I'll use it tell it dies. :) 

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SONY BDP-S790 a worthy choice.smile.gif
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OPPO BDP-95. Exemplary video and audio.

No other player at anywhere near the price comes close. The BDP-105 new model that replaces it adds a number of additional features but may not provide the same degree of audio excellence. I have an OPPO BDP-83 and it is also very good; the model 95 is a superior component in my experience. The video section is truly excellent, and the audio section separates this component from all others in its price class.

The audio section is capable of telling you, clearly and precisely, how good or bad an audio track is. It produces accurate harmonics as well as fundamentals and is of sufficient quality that one can listen for hours upon hours and not get fatigued. Pure Audio mode disconnects the video sections, and combined with turning off the display, minimizes as much as possible any noise that may be generated by those circuits.

On the video side, the clarity, color fidelity and depth of image are excellent in all reproduction modes. Blu-Ray video images are exemplary when the discs have been carefully mastered and "source direct"output is selected, sending the video signal in its native resolution without extra processing to your TV or external processor.

In short, the OPPO BDP-95 is a superior reproduction component that allows you to process less well recorded video and audio sources, and to deliver the best video and audio sources with the least additional processing possible. Best of all, this is one of those components that just disappears and accurately lets the source material come through.

Every AV component that OPPO has made available has been generally evaluated as performing at a price class much higher than its selling price from the company. Everything about the BDP-95 is high quality, even the packaging is superior.

Highly recommended.
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I wanted to add one that will no doubt be on the budget-conscience shoppers list this year...The LG BP335W 3D Wifi Smart Blu Ray Player.

This is a 2013 version of the 2012 LG BP325W (read my review here: http://www.avsforum.com/products/lg-electronics-bp325w-3d-blu-ray-disc-player/reviews/4215 )

Having just picked one of these up as an Early Christmas gift for a family member with a "No-Frills" need for a 3D player...I wanted to make sure the cons were listed in your buying guide for potential buyers to see.
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OPPO 103 region free, like disc from UK. Great zoom control & looks great with my JVC 350 on 120" screen
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OPPO 103 by far also  SonyS790 is a good choice.

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I've had an OPPO 103D for about 2 weeks and its great(replaced a OPPO 83 that got moved to the bedroom)
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Oppo 103 - just straight forward goodness. Oppo 103d is similar to the 103 + external Darbee.

DUNE HD player. This plays very well considering its origins and use of Sigma chipset. I would be interested in seeing how it works with Darbee.
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PowerDVD on the HTPC.
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ANYone believe the Pioneer BDP 50/51D is a fine 9 year old unit [w/updates]...like I do??!!!!!!
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Oppo 103D.

One thing people are forgetting is the option of using it as a video processor for 1080i and 720p tv content. I can't emphasize this enough. My Panasonic 65ST50 has gotten a new life because of this. I now have superior scaling, de-interlacing and overall video processing compared to using my set's which wasn't that great to begin with. Add the darbee to the mix and voila- you're in PQ heaven.
24p option for regular dvds is another feature that's a standout on this player. Add the fact that you get the legendary and superior audio quality with almost all video codecs supported and is 4K future proofed. You basically get the kitchen sink topped off with outstanding customer service support and frequent firmware updates. This isn't even fair as no one comes close to its features and performance unless you're looking for something costing four figures and more.
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Originally Posted by blowabs View Post

ANYone believe the Pioneer BDP 50/51D is a fine 9 year old unit [w/updates]...like I do??!!!!!!

My Pioneer BDP-320 is still rocking.

Bought it refurb for $60 and the 5.1 analog outputs kept my old receiver in action.
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The Sony BDP-S5100. Slick design and it plays every disc I throw at it plus streaming on it is excellent.
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