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Mounting the crossover?

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Alright, I thought I was done asking questions but I have one more. How should I mount the crossover in the Tempests?

This should be the last question.
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Mount the crossover directly to the side or bottom of the cabinet.
Screw it in, and use a rubber washer between the crossover board and cabinet to space it out by a hair, and stop vibrations.
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i used industrial strength velcro. mine are either on the side or back depending on size
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I've used gasket tape and screwed 'em down and I've used good Velcro. I've put them on the bottom and on the sides. Every way and position has worked fine for me.
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I used Velcro and mounted it on the side wall in the upper part if the cabinet in my Fusion 10 Pure's.
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^^^ that's what I used.
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I screwed some felt furniture pads, since I didn't have any rubber washers.

Be careful not to screw all the way through the cabinet -- you don't want any screw points sticking out the side.

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