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Are PenTILE screens something to be avoided ?

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I have seen people talk negatively about them ... Is it bad technology ?
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Only for 60" F5500 I thought?
Might want to avoid it if you use your plasma as a computer monitor but apparently it's not too bad for watching normal movies etc.
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Here's a good comparison when it comes to phones - http://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-note-2-vs-galaxy-s3-display-comparison-rgb-pentile-121182/

Generally a lot of that will carry over, for a large screen TV, especially if you're close it's probably best to avoid it.

Though it's probably something most people won't notice.
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Damn thanx - I have an astigmatism & my eyes pick up non details such as SDE, Blooming & even the rainbow effect at times .
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This article was moot point when it comes to 1080p and if u sit pass 2-3 feet away for the 60". Regardless if it is RGB sitting closer than 5 feet is going to not look good with any display at 60" for 1080p.

I took a another hard look at the 60f5350 at BJS and I could not see the pentile display pattern at 3 feet away or 2 feet away. I put my face like 3 inches to the corner to see the pattern of pentile. At this distance I would see the RGB stripe as well and I did not notice anything that would be inferior in picture quality.

I could not see anything straight on either in less than 1 feet away since it is hard to focus on any TV that close but looking from the corner so I wont get distracted it took me to be closer than 1 feet away to notice that it was pentile instead of RGB stripe. This is the same distance it would take for me to see rgb stripe pattern.

I'm going to be sitting at about 8 feet away from the 60" so it does not look to be a problem. It is really hard to pass up the deal at BJs 60" samsung plasma for 699 bucks.

Go check out the screen in a store and try to see if you notice the different pattern if you do at a couple of feet away either from your eyes or mentally being disturbed about it being "different" then get something else. Only way to see if it truly bothers you and bright side there are advantages to the pentile display as in being brighter, more energy efficient and cheaper to make.
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