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RIP Dracula- Oct 2013-Jan 2014. PUt a stake in it, nbc.
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Thank goodness I have a reason not to care anymore. biggrin.gif
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Like I said "He Gone."

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I've actually been looking for an excuse to delete the episodes building up on my DVR. Cancellation is about the best one there could be...
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Like Dracula, the rest of you have come to the see the light.
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Where's the cancellation notice? Haven't seen it posted.
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There isn't one, because it hasn't been cancelled. Kascnef82 was saying that it should be cancelled, not that it has been cancelled. I surely expect that it won't be back on NBC next year, though. Whether it returns on Sky Living is another question.
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Speaking of cancellation--Has anyone yet heard if the show is actually cancelled? I may be in the minority, but, I really enjoyed the show. I would like to see it return. Thanks for any info.
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I have yet to hear any word on its fate.
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