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For Sale: Dual Dual Dayton Subwoofers

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$1,600 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Dual Dual Dayton Subwoofers

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

Simply looking to try- I mean build something different. These are amazing performers that will offer output and extension FAR beyond that of what you're going to get commercially at this price-point.

Anyone who has spent anytime in the DIY area of AVS will be well-versed with the performance these offer. 4 in most rooms will exceed the demands of all but the last 1/4% on AVS...you know who you are, lol.

I can sell with or without the amplifier, but I REALLY want to sell the subs as a PAIR.

With the Crown XTI 4002 amplifier: $2300. Without $1600.

Anyone can run the math and decide for themselves if the price points offer the great value I feel they do.

Total up the (4) drivers, amplifier, cost of 4 cabinets/or materials to build duals, time, and I think you'll find the price points to be quite reasonable.

Please PM me with questions, I'm always around in these parts. I live about 20 minutes west of Milwaukee WI.

I'm going to posting new pics of them later, but here's a general shot to have an idea:


They are LARGE: 22 wide by about 22" deep and 40" tall. Bout 150 lbs apiece...I can definitely help load them up, then, you're on your own. wink.gifbiggrin.gif

I'm 100% certain someone will be elated with these.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the hobby!

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I agree, someone will be very elated!!
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Why the sale? I thought you were pretty happy with the Daytons? You know what you are trying next?

You know you (and most any enthusiast here with over a couple thousand posts) have an addiction problem right? cool.gifwink.gif
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Was wondering the same thing... what's next? Always thought your setup looked great with those twin towers of bass power!
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Thanks guys. Yeah, I'm a sucker for finding things to build when the snow flies. smile.gif I'm still on the fence as to what I wanna do...but it will almost certainly involve quads for the BIG space I want to even out.

What do we think about my price...I don't mind people commenting. We all know the drivers are nearing a grand and the plywood, additional hardware, and paint have their totals. Is $1600 unreasonable? Basically I thought about the aforementioned, plus the time and energy AND what you would pay for (ID even) comparable commercial performance before I arrived at $1600.

Honestly, I would have strongly considered this setup at this price and attacked other projects had my budget not been so stupidly tight. Call that a plug, I guess. tongue.gifbiggrin.gif

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James - Sorry to see you're selling. Do you have any pictures of the build progress to include in the ad? I would think prospective buyers may want to take a peek at the process and all the hard work that went into them! Best of luck.
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Did you mention where local is?

Local sales can be tough
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