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Problem With My JVC DLA-RS2

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I've had my RS2 since it was a new product and it's my primary display- at least six hours a night every night. It's run tirelessly needing nothing more than new lamps and the occasional cleaning. I think I'm on my fifth lamp and milked them all for about 3K hours, so it's got a few miles on it. It's run in a dedicated and pretty clean room with its own air handling and filtration.

Recently, it's begun shutting down after running a while. It's pretty random, but of late (after switching to HA mode per below) it's been about every two hours. It's done that before when a lamp was going, but that's always been accompanied with other problems.

I thought maybe the fan was going or had become gunked up. It's still putting out air pretty well, so it's not failed completely. I switched it to "High-Altitude" mode which seems to run the fan more, and seemed to make things a bit better, but not fix the problem.

I tried cleaning it more as well as switching the lamp with a different (admittedly well-used) one, to no avail. Current lamp only has about 1500 hours on it and still looks good. It's a genuine JVC as was the spare. It's not having any of the usual bad-lamp symptoms (problems starting up, that weird clicking/buzzing sound, dim image). Well, unless overheating counts, maybe.

Is the fan easily replaceable? Can it be disassembled cleaned and lubed? Has anyone else had this problem and fixed it? I would totally believe it's due for a new fan just from the amount of use it's had, although it's still putting out air and the fan isn't making any odd noise.

Only suggestion I've seen to remedy this problem is to get a new lamp, but I'm getting skeptical that'll work in this case (since I tried using a different one already). I will try another old one next I get a chance and will likely replace it with a new one if I don't hear any better ideas. I'd certainly like a plan B in case that doesn't fix it, though!
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Not getting any better advice, I took the thing apart today. It was much easier to get into than posts about similar projectors had led me to believe. Maybe the RS2 is easier?

Once I got inside the duct work I found the fan had a pool of black goo on top of it. this would be the downside as it was operating, so it may have been some kind of runoff. The center of the fan's label was slightly discolored, so, although it runs, I was guessing that replacing it was a good idea.

Local electronic part shop had another 92mm fan, but it's apparently not studly enough. The thing now overheats seconds after starting up.

The original fan is a "Nidec Beta SL Model D09E-12PM 11B". Anyone know where I can get one or a worthy substitute? Quick look at eBay didn't show any obvious contenders.

For now, i'm putting the old one back in and hoping it'll continue to hobble along until I can find a replacement.
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I took the new fan and strapped it to the exhaust port, rigged up a power source and now the projector is running. At least until the internal fan finally gives out completely. I'm hoping that'll buy me enough time to find a replacement.
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Call up JVC Pro, they should have the part you need, no need to look on Ebay. I have ordered much more complex parts from PJ manufacturers, just get through to the right people.
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OK, this is proving to be a lot harder than it should be. The folks on the support line had no part number for the fan for an RS2 (or an HD100), but they had "fan motor" parts QAR0448-001 and QAR0449-001. No description or illustration at all, but I think there's a turbine style fan inside the light path assembly- I'm looking for the box fan by the lamp. Any idea which may be which?

They also had one for some other models that was described as 92x92(mm), which would be right. It's PC0065219U0. So when I look that up, I find it's for the RS- 10, 15, 20, 25, 35 and the HD 250 or 250. Can anyone confirm that this is the same as the one in the RS2/HD100? It's just slightly too expensive for me to be comfortable eating it if it's wrong.
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Fixed. Had to order both "fan motor"s since I couldn't tell them apart from the (lack of) description. New fan has the same manufacturer part number as the original and works great. (Hope I didn't just jinx myself.)

I assume the other fan is what goes near the exhaust port of the manifold in the center, but with the optics and stuff in there, I hadn't tried opening it. I think I'll keep it too in case I wear that out as well,
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