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Ananlog and Digital Cable into the same TV

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Hi I have a question but I'm not very much of an expert on this topic.


I currently have both analog and digital tv from the same company. They have different channel lineups, please don't ask why I have both, its complicated, has something to do with my apartment building getting free service, not even sure how and I can't combine them. 


Basically, whenever I want to watch a set of channels I constantly have to change the coaxial cable from the digital box then go back to the one directly from my wall. 


How do I get both connected at the same time? I tried using a splitter I connected to the tv. I made the wire from the wall go to the splitter and the coaxial out from the digital box go to the splitter as well. Analog works but the digital is fuzzy/choppy. Will this work if I get another splitter that makes the wire from the wall go directly to the digital box and to the splitter in the TV? 


I also read something about an A/B coaxial switch. Seems perfect for my scenario but the only downside is that I have to get up and press the switch to change signals, so they are not technically on at the same time. I'll use this option if there is no alternative. 


Thanks for the help. 

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I would guess that either 1) RF Splitter or the additional short Coax cable was BAD, 2) the splitter that so old it doesn't have a high enough cut off frequency for your cable system ( should be up to at least 860 MHz and preferably 1000 MHz) or 3) the cable signal levels were very low to begin with and were TOO low when the 3.5 to 4+ dB of Loss in the RF Splitter was added.

On SOME cable boxes you can access the Diagnostic Menu by holding down the SELECT button on the R/C until you see a Mail/Envelope Icon appear in the Cable Boxes front panel display....at which time press the DOWN button the R/C. Use LEFT and RIGHT buttons on R/C to cycle through menus. Look for the page (two pages on a DVR) displaying the channel frequency and POWER LEVEL (should be more than -12 dBmV)...and SNR (or CNR), which should be more than 32 dB

FYI: Radio Shack makes an A/B Switch with Remote Control capability.....but a powered Amplifier/Splitter "2-Way Drop Amp" is less expensive:
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You have all signals coming out of the same port.
Yet using the cable box you can't access all of the channels, when you plug directly from the port to the TV you receive some of the channels.
Did you inquire (to the cable company) about getting a box that can pick up everything.
What is the model of your cable box and who is your cable company?
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