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system protection

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What type of surge/brown out protection do you use for your audio/video system? My system consists of a Lex MC12, Martin Logan speakers and subs and Jvc Projector, VPI turntable, Oppo DVD/cd player. tuner and phono stage. My amps are Brystons which i am going to plug into a 20amp dedicated circuit. if you can me some ideas i would really appericate it. thanks
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Nail all the inbound points and "layer" up your protection; multiple companies offer well engineered protection:

I use these pretty extensively, at the panels and for multiple entry points:


These too work fine:


I also use these:



I also use various devices in/near my racks, but those don't replace any of the above
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I use the following power distribution/protection system:

Each JL Fathom F113 on dedicated 20amp line protected by SurgeX SA20.

Each Monoblock MC601 share dedicated 20amp line protected by RGPC 1200c

MultiCh MC205 amp on dedicated 20amp line protected by RGPC 600s

Sources/Processsor/Projector protected by second RGPC600s (soon to include Shunyata Talos).

Whole system protected by front line APC Whole house surge protector at Service Panel.
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I use a Panamax PFP M1500 unit.
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I have been using Torus Piu's for 4+years.
Torus 20a for rear components,4bsst,Jvc rs-60,Vac pre,Oppo bp,bcd-1,bdp-2,bda-2.
Torus 60a for front amps(2X28Bssts+7Bsst)+one 1812 sub.
Have blown a couple jl subs that were not connected to the Torus a few years back.
These I wouldn't be without and besides the superb protection,I mainly bought them for what a huge difference they made musically and especially dynamically.
Should add the other two Jl,s that were connect to the Torus were fine.
Have replaced a preamp,bluray player,the Torus(s)stay as they are that good.
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+1 on the Torus gear!

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+2 on Torus!
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