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Complete and utter failure

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Hello Everyone and thank-you for your help.


I've been straining my creativity to the limits to figure out what went wrong with my tv.


I've searched 20+ pages of posts and didn't find anyone with a problem exactly like mine so I'm posting here in hopes I'm not beating a dead horse.


My TC-P60ST30 has been a faithful tv for 2 years now.  I had no problems and enjoyed the quality picture.  2 weeks after my extended warranty was over the set started to develop a buzzing noise which gradually escalated into a buzz so loud I could hear it from any room in the house and watching the tv was impossible if I also wanted to listen to people talk.


My dad is an electronics technician.  I grew up playing around his shop.  I think I recognize the sound of a failing power supply, but the internets say that it's just a loose screw problem, and I'm happy to hope it's that simple.


I removed the back panel and tried tightening every screw there was to tighten.  Only issue....they were all tight.  Next step I figured I'd remove the power supply boards and see if something failed.  After a careful inspection (finding no issues with sight or smell) I put the entire thing back together and tried turning on the panel.


It would not power on.  :(  No red light....no noise.  Nothing.


After re-examining it I found I forgot to re-connect the small 5pin (P63-P64) and 6pin (P61-P62) wires to their connectors.  Oh well...no biggie.  Plugged those in.  TV still won't power on.


I've tried everything I could to deduce what was happening.  I would hear the faintest of (one) clicking noise upon power plug connection; but no other signs of life.


I dug out the multimeter and tested the boards.  Power supply board 5 gave power to board 3 and after that I don't know where it went.  The power button won't do anything.  I even tried connecting the two wires that lead to the power button.  No go.


All sleep deprived my probes slipped from my hands on my 3rd or 4th read of the AC current and BEHOLD!!! There is light and signs of life....for half a second as I swear and realize I just shorted out the input panel.  


I buy a new panel on ebay.  In fact I buy all 3 of the power supply boards.  Plug/screw them all in and hope for the best.  No response from the tv.


I'm about at my wit's end.  Do I suppose the A/V board (with all the hdmi and A/V plugs) is bad?  I read somewhere that it could be the cause of my problem.  There's several on ebay....but is it really my problem?  Can I save this tv???






edit:  apologies if I should have kept this to a specific thread.  I didn't mean to start a new thread; just a new post in an existing thread.

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Make sure you've connected the AC on / off switch usually on the front of the TV... can't remember where it is on these models but when it's off it basically makes the TV act -dead-.
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Thank-you for your response.


I have located every button on the casing of this tv and have found no switches which would disable the AC input.  There are only some very basic buttons on the side of the tv for changing volume, input, channel; and one power button on the front of the tv. 


I know what you're getting at however.  AC "master" switch to leave the tv plugged in but not energized.  I do not believe this tv has one.  I will however be a blissful idiot if someone can prove me wrong.



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I mean the soft on-off switch. It puts the TV into a pretend standby mode where it uses essentially the same power, doesn't light the LED and doesn't respond to the remote (this is for the people who feel safe at night turning off appliances, even though it makes essentially no difference.)
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I just plugged the power plug into the tv.  Held the power button down for 10 seconds.  No response.  Waited 10 seconds.  Tried holding the button down again for 10 seconds.  No response.


If there is a "soft-off" button I don't think that's it.  I will read my manual and see if it mentions that feature, but the power button hold down didn't do anything.

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I just spent 17 minutes on the phone with Panasonic support.  The rep probably didn't know anything about electronics because he wanted me to troubleshoot the tv by plugging it into another outlet...after I had told him my multimeter read 120V AC into the power supply sub board as well as the ps main board.


I asked him about a "soft-off" feature and he said he didn't think this tv had one; for what that's worth.

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Do you have -ANY- output from the power supply, like a 5V DC? Panasonic tech support is for customers who don't repair their TVs themselves wink.gif you'd need to contact the service division but that's for techs only, unfortunately I don't have any access myself.
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Appreciated Tom,


I could check to see of there are any DC outputs, but I don't know which terminals to probe and the boards don't seem to be marked.  The manual does mention 5V DC output from PS.  Again...not sure where to check.  I'll try the larger wires connected to the other boards spidering off of the power supply boards and see how they read.

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Pic of back of tv:




Perhaps this picture will help.  Same as above but with Volt readings.




It seems to me that the tv is in standby mode....waiting for the signal to turn on. 


This thing is harder to turn on than my girlfriend....  Points to you tv...

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It puts the TV into a pretend standby mode where it uses essentially the same power[img]http://esmallgame.com/11p.jpg[/img]

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I understand the concept...  But how do I turn the tv back on?  

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My dad is an electronics technician. I grew up playing around his shop. I think I recognize the sound of a failing power supply, but the internets say that it's just a loose screw problem, and I'm happy to hope it's that simple.
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There are videos with fixes on youtube and a thread with pictures on AVS.

The first thing I'd do is take the back off and try to find the source.
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I can try and find service docs -- PM me.
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Finally discovered the problem. 


I decided to trace the power button wire and to do that I needed to remove the stand support structure.  I found something interesting...




WTF?   I did some sleuthing and discovered that the piece had simply fallen off when I removed the board.  I'm not sure if it was never quite clipped in all the way, but for whatever reason it prevented the power relay to turn on.




So I plugged it back in and everything turned on!!!  And since I replaced the power supply boards the annoying buzzing sound disappeared. 


All is well.


Thank-you everyone for your support and your assistance.

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Hah, great to hear -- I think that's for TVs which have a AC on/off switch as mentioned previously.
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You're probably right Tom.  Panasonic must have just skipped that switch on this model, but used a power supply main board from another model tv.


So I feel like an idiot...but a happy idiot, so that's ok.


Now I've been messing around with the pictures settings.  I think I've got everything dialed in fairly close to realistic standards.  Still on the fence about "game" picture settings.  Not sure if that lowers latency or not.  I guess I'll try gaming on cinema mode and see if I notice any lag.

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It's pretty common in consumer electronics, very expensive to spin a different board just for regions without that switch so they'll just use a little wire jumper like that which costs less than 5 pence to make.
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