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TV reads HDD very slow

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When i plug in my new HDD (WD My Pasport 2 TB, USB powered) to the tv (Samsung UE46f5005) the tv is taking ½-1 minute to read the content. Everytime i navigato to a new folder it takes ½-1 minutes Again. But when i plug in my old Lacie 500 GB external powered 3.5'' HDD, it reads much faster even thoug the WD benchmarks 110/110 MB/s and LAcie only 70/50 MB/s. What is wrong? How can i read the files fast? Would a faster tv like UE46f5500 help me? Should i buy a cheap media center instead like WD TV Live? And would a cheap media center be able to read the harddisk fast?

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Reformat HDD with FAT32 or NTFS on PC then try again.
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