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3 zone 5.1

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Im looking to do 5.1 surround in the family room with my kitchen and dinning room on a separate zone, and outside deck with another zone. Im not looking to play different music in these zones as this is an open floor plan setup. What reciever can hadle this type of setup. Also can my deck speaker volume (zone 3) have an independent volume control? Please help thank you.
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If you want the same audio to all the other zones, you can use an AVR with Zone 2 pre-outs connected to a 2CH amp which is then connected to a 2,4,6 or 8 zone impedance matching speaker selector. Volume control would be on the speaker selector for the lower priced models, or via a smart phone for the more expensive models. Either the Denon X1000 or X2000 would likely suit your needs.


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Besides denon what other brands would u recommend? Definitely 5.1 then running 3 other speakers in zone 2, and 2 outdoor speakers on the deck. Do i need the speaker selector and amp with the reciever to do this? O is there a reciever that can do it by itself?
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Yup ... additional amp and speaker selector. Also consider the Marantz 5008.
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