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Home theater with 50 FT HDMI, Projector is not receiving signal from the source

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Having Acer H5370BD 3D Home Theater Projector, a 50 FT GE Highspeed HDMI cable running across the room, no signal received after tried to connect laptop, blueray player, and receiver.  Please advise what is wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!

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Replace the cable I expect.

Have you checked using a short HDMI cable to ensure that the HDMI connection to the projector itself is operational and that you are on the correct input?

If so, then you've got to go with a different cable as the one you have isn't working. If you have any wall plates, or couplers, you will want them removed as well. 50' can be further than some cables can carry a signal reliably. The claim for a 50' high speed HDMI cable is also highly questionable.

If the cable is locked in place, then use one of the cat-5/6 cables you pulled and get a HDBaseT extender for it.
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Yes, I tested it with 6 ft one with the projector, all worked.  The 50 ft cable is in ceiling in a just furnished media room. However, the 50 ft one doesn't work with LCD HDTV either.  I got another 50 ft HDMI cable just to test whether the one in the wall is bad.  The result is NONE worked.

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There is no such thing as a high speed 50' passive HDMI cable. That said, a decent 22-24 AWG 50' cable should be able to do 1080p60 2D, or 1080p24 3D, at 8 bits. Of course, HDMI performance depends on the cable, all the electronics involved, the bit rate, and the environment.

What source device, resolution and color depth? Are you going through an AVR, switch, splitter, etc.? Are there any other cables or connectors in the signal path?

FWIW the GE name on the cable means nothing. It is simply used under license by the manufacturer, Jasco Products, assuming it is not a knock off.
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Remember HDMI signal transfer is a combination of the Source, Cable and Sync (Display) – if the signal drop across the 50’ cable is great enough it can stop the Sink from locking to the signal.

You may need to introduce a Powered Extender ahead of the Projector – http://www.octavainc.com/HDMI%20extender.htm

It is best to avoid ‘Hot Swapping’ HDMI gear (plugging/unplugging with gear powered on or in Standby) – try and ensure you are powering kit off at the wall when making connectivity changes.

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The key is what Colm said. You bought a cable that doesn't actually exist. High Speed for a passive cable tops out at just over 25 feet. After that, it's a standard speed cable, which is only guaranteed to work for 1080i and 720p. I'd make sure the store you got the cable from knows that they sold you a bogus cable.

What likely happened is that a smaller length version of the cable was certified for High Speed and so someone figured a longer version must also be High Speed. Well, it isn't unfortunately.

You can try two things:

1) Change your source output (temporarily) to 1080i and make sure your AVR isn't changing it back to 1080p. That should work. If it does, then proceed to step two. If not, you may have a damaged cable or you did not set to 1080i/720p.

2) Go back to 1080p. Look through all of your devices' menus for "Deep Color" under the HDMI options. Disable anything in the projector or sources that says "Deep Color" or "Enhanced Color" that is under HDMI options. Try again. That may work.

Unfortunately, if that doesn't work you need to replace the cable or run at 1080i/720p. Those are the only real options since the odds of a cable equalizer and particularly some type of cable amp would likely only make the situation worse.

If you do replace, in your situation I'd suggest a Redmere active cable. If you also ran a Cat 5e/6 cable to the projector, you could also use that instead for HDMI (see HDBaseT).

Did the cable work before you put it in the wall?
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You guys are my heroes.


I tried three new 50ft cables:


1. A $100 good quality cable

2. A $180 cable with redmere chips

3. A $60 extender over cat5


All worked.  So the cable from my general contractor is not good enough.


I am going to stick with the redmere one since it appears brighter for the video.


Thank you all!

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Originally Posted by hometheaternew View Post


I am going to stick with the redmere one since it appears brighter for the video.


I hope not. All three cables produced the same bits. They are just cables, they don't change the 1s and 0s to make a "better" picture. Perception is a wonderful thing and can make cables do magical things when you believe.

Glad they all work.
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When I bought my VT60 I was looking through the HDMI cables they had in the magnolia section (at best buy). They all had ridiculous names like chocolate and cinnamon and whatnot. And were ridiculously expensive. The sales rep saw me looking and came over (from trying to get the tv sale sorted out on the register) and started off with something like "people who buy your tv usually get this one" and pointed at one that was like 199 USD. I just laughed and basically said "people buy these things? It's a digital signal so any cable is as good as the next as long as it's not physically damaged."

At that point he kinda just looked at me like I was an idiot, either that or he was just taken aback because he was taught a certain way at "sales rep training" and doesn't know any better. So to be polite I said "you sell these so you probably know more than I do so just tell me about them." And told me that the ridiculously expensive ones (my words, not his) had silver mixed in so they have more vibrant colors.

Obviously I'm not an expert, but everything I've read here has been to the contrary so I just politely told him no thanks and went along with the tv. Luckily he wasn't, um, trained enough to check me out and the next guy was both much nicer and more knowledgeable.
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‘It's a digital signal’ – it’s also highly encrypted (scrambled) so no chance for any ‘cable’ to have any effect on the video or audio passing through the cable.

At the recent CEDIA Trade Show in Denver there were some ludicrous HDMI cables and claims being spouted by some of the exhibitors, apparently sticking a 9v battery to the outside of a cable and using materials developed for F1 cars converts it into a dogs dangly bits!!!

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