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Projector recommendation

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I wrote a few weeks ago about a recommendation, and since then my set-up has changed.


I am looking for a home theatre video projector with 1080p that will be mounted on a shelf just above my sofa (so it will need to be quiet). It will be approximiately 13' from the screen. I'm getting my screen from costco, a matte white electric 106"screen. The room can be fairly bright during the day. It is painted white, and I do have some good shades, but they're not full-on blackout shades.


What projector would you guys suggest? I would like to stay under $1,000. I was looking at the Optoma HD25e or the Benq 1070w. Would those be good options?

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No, they would not, you will need a projector that is designed for center screen placement with no lens offset and lens shift capability. This is not available in any of the entry level DLPs so you will need to look at LCD projectors and verify they will work in this position. White room with windows is not really good for projection, you can but image quality will suffers greatly with white walls and ceiling..
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You must invert mount your projector if you are mounting it up high on the wall. Projector lenses aren't designed to be mounted in the center of the screen, or within the confines of the screen at all unless they have a good range of lens shift.

You need to figure out what your actual lens to screen distance is as the projectors in your budget (other than the Epson 8345) have very limited zoom range for the most part.

Here's the list of 1080p projectors which can do a 106" diagonal from 12' lens to screen. ALL measurements must be from lens to screen.


Picking a model like the Optoma H25...
The projector lens must be between 11'7" and 13'10" from the screen, so it should work.

The projector MUST be 8" below the bottom of the screen, or invert mounted 8" above the top of the screen (center of lens/top edge of projected image on screen).

Finally, I hope they are giving you a great price on that electric screen - under $100, or it is tab-tensioned. Otherwise, don't buy it, just get a manual screen.
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Thanks for the reply.


Obviously, I'm new to all this. Can you explain why those features are necessary for my set-up? And is there a specfic projector you're thinking of that I should check out?

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Would be hard to beat and should do what you want to do with a great picture and good blacks.
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AV_Integ - 

Thanks for that information! What I like about the 25e is its low decibel level, since my only option is to mount it directly above the sofa. And I have to get an electric screen because its being stalled on the ceiling in the middle of a room. I don't want the string hanging down in the middle of the room. The costco price is 199.

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A projector with fixed offset means when the image comes out of the lens it is shooting up not straight out. There for if table mounted it must be a certain distance below the screen. If mounted on the ceiling upside down (now shooting down, it must be a certain distance above the top of the screen. Most projectors with lens shift shoot the image straight out when the lens shift is at to centered mark and they typically have 50%-75% screen hight adjustment so you can mount them anywhere within the screen height. The cheaper the projector the less likely they will have lens shift as it requires a larger more accurate lens and optic system. Many LCDs do have it but none of the entry level DLP projectors have enough to center mount and will need to be ceiling mounted some amount above the top of your screen.
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Thanks for all the information. Would I have more projector options if I were to ceiling mount?

The Epsons are a bit larger than I was hoping for, and the Benq and Optoma models are the kind of size I was planning on....

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