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Samsung PN51F8500 Cal Day Night Disabled?

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I recently purchased an PN51F8500 which is coming to 6 months old. After much reading of forums, video discussions - i cannot find anyone who has successfully enabled the N/D ADJ setting in the Service menu under SVC > Expert - it's totally greyed/ disabled.


Unfortunately being from little New Zealand, none of the local TV experts here have any idea when i ask them the question. Personally Dynamic and Relax modes are just plain, bare and disgusting pictures to watch - so having another CAL Night & CAL Day would make for much better watching


Does anyone have any thoughts why it is disabled?


P.S I'm a System Engineer for a Global IT firm, so I understand a little about tech but i have minimal experience with configuring TV displays.


Any help or thoughts would be appreciated


Note: i apologise if this has been posted in the wrong area.


Many Thanks

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In Europe there is also no option to enable it (at least on 1110 ROM)...

Strange that Samsung thinks that only US consumers are willing to tweak their TV sets.

We are both missing it...

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You're not missing much. On the D-series they're buggy and harder to dial in. Also, CMS settings are shared between the two CAL modes and Movie, and 10-point settings are shared between the CAL modes. All of this really defeats the purpose of having the additional modes in the first place. I believe I saw that these issues apply to later series including F as well.
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Understood - thanks for the reply. if what you say is true, even having additional two picture settings available just makes changeing viewing displays even less cumbersome.


Currently I'm limited to Dynamic, Standard, Relax & Movie picture options. The downside of this is... Standard appears to be the only setting where i can change all the settings freely.. If i was to choose Relax or Movie, some of the pre-sets are not available and you cannot configure the display to give a better picture.


Might see if i can phone Samsung to ask if there is a ROM available they can provide which enables the CAL Night/Day displays.. I have a local ISF technican who is willing to do the work but won't come and configure unless the settings are available to enable.


Rock and a hard place :/


Anyway - appreciate the response anyway guys


Enjoy 2014


Many Thanks

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