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'Getting On' on HBO HD

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At the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit of Mt. Palms Hospital in Long Beach, Cal., the staff attends to the needs of female patients who are often “getting on” in years, while dealing with the challenges of a health-care bureaucracy in need of an overhaul. Even as they attempt to serve their charges under less-than-ideal circumstances, the lives of this ragtag crew are complicated by conflicting agendas, both professional and personal.

This new comedy series GETTING ON, based on the BBC series of the same name, begins its six-episode first season SUNDAY, NOV. 24 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO. Created for American television by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer (co-creators of the acclaimed HBO series “Big Love”), the show follows the daily lives of overworked nurses and doctors as they struggle with the darkly comic realities of tending compassionately to their aging charges in a rundown, red-tape-filled hospital extended-care wing, blending outrageous humor with unexpected moments of tenderness.

Cast regulars on GETTING ON include: Laurie Metcalf (three Emmys® for “Roseanne”) as Dr. Jenna James, who once hoped to become a medical-research star, but has instead been sentenced to purgatory at the facility; Alex Borstein (“Family Guy”) as Nurse Dawn, whose personal shortcomings and obsession with finding a boyfriend undermine her need to excel in her job; Niecy Nash (“Reno 911!”) as Nurse DiDi, whose easy rapport with patients should be an example to her superiors, but isn’t; and Mel Rodriguez (“Community”) as Patsy De La Serda, a reform-minded supervising nurse of ambiguous sexuality. Guest stars include Molly Shannon, Daniel Stern, Harry Dean Stanton, June Squibb and Irma P. Hall.

For more information about "Getting On" please see the below.

Official website

IMDB website

You can watch "Getting On" only on HBO, starting on Sunday, November 24, 2013 at 9:00 PM CST.
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Nobody's interested in a Nurse Jackie spin-off? A few more weeks till premier
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I'm certainly going to give this a look.
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Agreed. Previews seem quite nasty. Talking about fecal matter eek.gif
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That's the UK cast in the photo. Jo Brand on the right is one of the show creators and ex-standup comedian and nurse.

I didn't even realize this show was being remade. The original won some awards and was quite well reviewed, so maybe this will be okay but I think what made the original so well-received was that it had input from an ex-nurse on the writing staff.

Watching one of the clips on HBO, it seems to feature the two identical twins who run a restaurant that was featured on Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Now that's weird.
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Tomorrow night! There's also a new show premiering right after called Ja'mie: Private School Girl
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Well, that was bizarre. I did laugh a few times, but the series is a little odd to begin. I'll keep watching for now. I loved the translation scene biggrin.gif

The picture seemed a little soft or something. Dull. Wasn't very bright.
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This is suppose to be a comedy? I found it more sad than funny. I guess seeing most of the stuff in the previews sure didn't help.
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^ Yeah, having it set in a "nursing home" ward at the hospital is a little depressing. I'd rather have it be set in the ER. More fast pace and random medical relations.

The U.S. version of the poster.
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Good episode tonight.
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Jo Brand, the star of the British version was a guest on this Saturday's episode of The Graham Norton Show. She was hilarious!

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OMG, my husband spotted the twins too ! Now we want to know if Ramseys is a big fake show, or if these guys got into acting after the Ramsey thing!

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Interesting way to end the season. I liked the staff signing the song though, it was charming.

Short season, possibly only 8 episodes?
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I have yet to watch Episodes 4 and 5 of Season 1 but really enjoyed the first four. Although Getting On has little in common with Nurse Jackie, other than being set in a hospital, it does display the same combination of raunchy wit and sadness that I have come to love in Nurse Jackie. I have thought that the show's three stars, Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, and Niecey Nash, have all been wonderful. Looking forward to seeing Episodes 5 and 6!
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Still haven't watched last night's season finale but did watch episode 5 and it was dynamite.

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We watched our first episode last night, which was the finale. We thought it was hilarious, and will watch the other episodes on demand. Metcalf is brilliant.
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I love this show. When Nurse Dawn told Patsy that he gave her a fissure and there dating now I just rolled.
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Originally Posted by oldcband View Post

I love this show. When Nurse Dawn told Patsy that he gave her a fissure and there dating now I just rolled.

Finally got around to watching Episodes 4 and 5 and I agree that the show has had an excellent first season. The neurotic going on psychotic Dr. Jenna James is fascinating. Every time I think that she can't do anything worse to abuse her power she proves me wrong. The way she tried to chisel Dawn out of the gift basket prize took my breath away. Fortunately, she finally backed down but only after she learned that Dawn had given away most of the goodies in the basket to others. Then it took a near breakdown from Didi before Jenna paid the long overdue bill for a new driveway that Didi's husband had done at Jenna's house. She is a walking talking case study in how not to treat subordinates.

Starved for love little Dawn tickles me to death. She had to have been circling the drain before hooking up with the gay, bi, whatever, Patsy. I have loved Alex Borstein as Dawn. As screwed up as she is, she is charming despite herself.

The more or less sane Didi is a special case. Although she plays games on her phone while sitting at the bedside of dying patients, she nevertheless seems to really care about them, which appears to be a pretty rare commodity at the old folks warehouse where she and the others work.

Finally I laughed 'til I cried in Episode 6 at the antics of Irma P. Hall as the bullying, difficult Cordelia Meade. Hall made me a fan with her riotously funny performance as a landlady in the Coen brothers, The Ladykillers.

Really looking forward to Season 2.
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