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Networking Help

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Hi guys

I am wondering if my network setup is ok or can be improved,In all honesty i have no idea about networking.

It is mostly needed for gaming and HD Streaming.

I have a Netgear 6300 AC router and multiple Gigabit switches.

From each port of the Router i run a cat 6 cable to a gigabit switch(every port is used on all switches)

What i am wondering

1. is it better to use 1 big switch instead of using 4 different ones or it won't make a difference .
2. Is it bad to run a switch from a another switch.

any advice is greatly appreciated


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Not a networking expert at all, but I posed the same question you're asking when I was setting up networking in my house... The consensus was mixed. So I did what was easiest which was to exactly what you did. I doo believe that one single switch would be best, but i have not really noticed any performance hits doing it my way and your way..
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It really come so down to how you use your network. To answer your first question it is better to use one big switch then many smaller switches. This is from if you fully load your network you get full speed instead of having some decrease in speed at transition points. For most home users you will probably never see this going with a multiple switch solution. It is not bad to run from one switch to another, but do not chain too many together two or three should be your limits for good speed. The other thing is to try to connect devices that talk a lot together to the same switch so that it does not have to propagate through your network and it will improve communication times. Using one switch can help network problem shooting if you ever need to do it.
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thanks guys for the info.

I really don't have any trouble with the streaming.

The online gaming (xbox 360) sometimes isn't the best, but that could be a lot of different things.
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