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Barco Cine 6 flashing

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I have some problems with the Barco Cine 6 projector.

When booting the device it start to flash random. Only the lower lines are visible.


I add a movie (not very clear i know) to illustrate the problem.

I do not have any clue what is happening. In the past the projector works fine

Before the problem occured, the projector is not used for 2 years.


Does anybody have an idea? Thanks in advance!





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I got to pause the video right on one of the flashes, it looks like a result of a bad contact near an input or on the board near where the tubes connect.


If you say the projector hasn't been used in two years, dust or a slight bit of moisture could have caused this problem. If you're comfortable with doing it yourself, I'd suggest opening it up just enough to expose the main board and blast it with some compressed air in all of the grooves. Electrical contact cleaner couldn't hurt if you wanted to clean the input connections and portions where the main board connects to the tubes and inputs. This will make sure any dust or moisture that may have found its way in those connections gets expelled. Just be frugal about the cleaner, you don't want to soak the connections.

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Thanks for the quick replay. The projector does not look dirty. But anyway i will clean

the projector this week and will make an post on this forum of the result.

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I disagree, I would not go in and start cleaning the contacts at random.

I don't know the Cine 6 at all, it was completely different than all other Barcos out there, and I've never seen one as they were not sold in North America. Given what your video shows though, I've seen a similar issue when the +17 volt supply is not set correctly via a trimpot.

Having said that, I don't know if the Cine 6 has a trimpot, sorry!
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