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Originally Posted by Archaea View Post

pshhhh -- 40 isn't too old to participate in this stuff. There were a lot of older guys - some probably in their 70s we saw. The Tough Mudder isn't a race - you don't even get a time. It's just a, "are you tough enough to complete it" type thing. In fact in the opening military Oorah send off - they tell you it isn't about time and it isn't about you - - it's about your team mates and making sure you help them through obstacles they can't over come, and helping your team mates finish strong. It's actually a very cool send off. They make you say the pledge aloud that helping others, even strangers in the tough mudder, comes before personal finish goals. I really liked it, probably one of the coolest things I've ever participated in. I was tired, cut up, and bruised, for a couple weeks afterwards, but want to do it again. I'll keep working on you. wink.gif


Races are really fun, ESPECIALLY when you're getting older... you have more time, and they become a sort of personal challenge, and also a great way to keep fit.

When I was 'participating' (note, i use participate, because you can't really race against the pros.. the best you can do is race against your friends), in the Ironman Western Australia, I met a couple of really old men, one was in his 60s, and the other was 70 plus. They both kicked my ass (and I am only 40). The guy who was in his 70s finished in `12 hours plus (to my 13 hours)... To give you an idea of how insane that is for the 70 year old guy to finish in under 13 hours, there are less than 20 guys in my country (all ages, including those in their 20s) who can finish an Ironman in under 13 hours.

In the end, if one were to participate in events such as these, you really don't grow old (in the physical and stamina sense)... you maybe lose a bit all the way till you're very old. They say you deteriorate (stamina and fitness wise) about 10% every decade after 20 years old, and if you train regularly, you only deteriorate about 3% every decade...
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Originally Posted by MX48 View Post

You can also get frozen shoulder if you don't move it enough for a period of time. Doesn't take as long as you might think.
I messed up a motocross jump 5-6 years ago and ended up going about 80 feet on a 50 foot jump. Parted from the bike and landed on my shoulder. Dislocation and slightly broken arm. Only had my arm in a sling for about 6 weeks and when it came out didn't want to move very far. To this day it doesn't go near as far as the other one. No way I could throw a baseball/softball now without looking stupid.
Don't give up on your range of motion. I had sticky shoulder several years ago. I have now recovered about 98% of my range of motion and it continues to improve. In some ways that shoulder has better range of motion than the other shoulder. Keep stretching. See a physical therapist for tips on how to stretch or PM me.
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bunch of people i work with do the mudder every year. most if not all of them are 40+ some i know are over 50
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My friend wants me to participate in a mudder with him. I told him I can't run or jump so what is the point of walking it. It sucks but it is what it is. Before my knees were replaced I used to do lots of things but now Tennis is my thing, well, kind of. You guys are bringing back some good memories. I have to say watching all these videos and such has really showed me more about you guys than all this typing. I have a new respect for you guys and videos and GTG's really show who you are rather than all this typing. You are just a decade younger version of me! I miss those days but only because of the ability to sprint and run. Keep it up and take care of any little injuries before they become irreversible! I use myself as an example all the time for my patients which helps. Mine knees became bad from unrecognized trauma when I was young. I went from being 6'3, 240 pounds, running a 4.59 40, hitting my elbow on the basketball rim in my 20-30's to 320 pounds and not able to jump at all and not even run a 40! The surgery made me down to 270 but I am trying to get to 240 again except it is much harder without training the legs and sprinting. I never tried lifting max weight with anything before but I did leg press 1000 pounds 12 times pretty easily with two bad knees and a broken ankle. You wonder why I have metal knees! Hell, just before my knee surgery I moved the two danley DTS-10's by myself upstairs, I figure they can't get any worse!
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Originally Posted by Sibuna View Post

bunch of people i work with do the mudder every year. most if not all of them are 40+ some i know are over 50

Thanks for taking away my reason (ok excuse) for being to lazy to Compete.
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Sorry to hear you were not able to attend the GTG MK. frown.gif

Seems like that would gave put most of the popular names all at one place. Obviously there are quite a few on the west coast also.
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After seeing pics of some of you (💪), I don't feel so bad about you having to lug those big speakers around anymore😏
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