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More punch, less boom

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I'm looking for more bass punch from my sub. I ave an idea that I might try but it will be some work so I thought I'd ask first. If I placed my bid f12 sub in the corner to add bass but don't want the boom that will come with it could I eq the sub lower in the 25hz range and bump it up in the 60hz range and get punchier bass and reduce the boom from the placement?
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Why don't you just turn up the 63hz EQ setting (page 72 of your manual) where your sub is right now and see if that helps? If not, you might just need a better sub.
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I have. It did help but would moving it do more? And my budget won't allow me to upgrade sub's. Eventually I will have this as my nearfield sub and something better for where this is at now
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I think you just have to try it and see if you've already played with the EQ in its current location.
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Alright. Thanks
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Booming tells me the gain is turned up to high.

Have you run your AVR's EQ program?

A lack of mid-bass punch tells me your room acoustics are cancelling out your mid-bass.

Have you taken the time to download and get a freeware copy of REW up and running so you can measure your room to see how your room is responding to your subwoofer sound reproduction system. Without room measuring capability, sonically, you're truly running blind.
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I see from your list, you're using an Onkyo TX-SR607 which has Audyssey 2EQ that lacks the ability to EQ subwoofers.

From the Audyssey website:


Our basic resolution room correction solution that uses basic resolution filters for the satellites, but does not apply a filter to the subwoofers.

You would be well served looking into the addition of a miniDSP so you can separately EQ your subwoofer.

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Yeah I decided today to eq my setup myself. But keep the audesseys settings for levels and distance. I think it sounds better so far. Better bass and equal highs from what I can tell. I'm going to get a minidsp soon hopefully. Once I have the money to spend
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Originally Posted by Brad Sutliff View Post

Once I have the money to spend

Yes, money, a formidable opponent. Do you have a digital sound meter? You can pick one up from Radio Shack for a reasonable price. If you download a freeware copy of REW, you can use REW to play selective tones and use the phase control to help dial your subwoofer in.

Are you aware of, and if you are, the sub crawl? This will help you find the best position in your room for the subwoofer.

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