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I'm an avid music listener and I'm looking to try and get set-up with a more wireless approach where I can make digital copies of my CDs and be able to put them away and stream music through my home theater. I have a LOT of CDs and this would give me some more open floor space if I didn't have the actual discs in the room.

I'd also like to be able to start purchasing digital music, but I do not like compressed mp3s. I do listen to an mp3 player when I need my music to be portable, but at home through my home theater I want uncompressed audio. Are there stores where you can download loss-less music?

I currently have a blu-ray player from which I can stream from my computer server, so is the best bet to stream music from the computer through the blu-ray player (which is connected to my audio system)?

I do know there are other devices out there that will stream and play music, but I specifically want to stick with the audio being played through my home theater system.

Any input would be appreciated.
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