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Processor to split a 4K signal to feed four 1080p projectors

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This is probably an expensive piece of equipment if such a thing even exists so that is why am asking on this forum. My goal is to use four 1080p projectors each displaying 1/4 of a 4k source blended to create a single seamless image. Does anyone here know if any company makes a processor like this?

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That sounds like pretty far out in left field tech
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Christie can do that with 4 of the hd20kj I installed in Moscow.
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Is that one of these customized/rebadged processors/blenders the showed at ISE this January? But with upgraded pixel capacity? Because on the website the input is still limited to: •Inputs accept virtually any input up to 2048 x 1200 resolution. Two side blending is now a standard function of most blenders, but one would need a way to split the signal to four parts. Does the blending processor in the Christie projectors offer that functionality? And that X20 Spyder is also limited, even with the internal processing being 20 Mpixel.
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The RedRay player do this as a standard feature through 4xHDMI, if you manage to get hold of one. wink.gif
But you will need to have a edgeblender processor if you want to do this on 4 projectors.

Maybe this image processor from projectiondesign can accommodate higher resolution than 2K, it does edge blending between several projectors AFAIK; http://www.projectiondesign.com/products/multi-image-processor
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Well, projectors that feature soft-edge blending, like the Christies mentioned, would also do the job. Are there 4K multiviewers that could double as a 4 way splitter?
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Thanks to all who responded to my query. I talked a RedRay rep this morning and also learned of some other possible solutions that include edge blending capability.

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Wich possible solutions?
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You should try the RGB Spectrum SuperView 4K.


It can take four projectors and create a single image, plus give you 4 additional 1080P windows, but this doesn't work well with projection, only with videowall wall display panels or with a 4K panel, like Planar's 84" 4K panel.. You need to use projectors that have edge-blending in the internal menu, or, use stand-alone edge blenders (1 per projector). The SuperView 4K has mullion compensation for the overlap areas.

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