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First post......planning a Spandex screen and have questions

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Hello, I've been lurking here for months and trying to soak up all that I can, and there seems to be an incredible amount of knowledge floating around here.


I'm a remodeler by trade, and building my own theater, after working in some done by others


My room is 17' wide by 24' deep,with 10' ceilings  totally light controlled, with the screen on one of the 17' walls.


I'd like to do a 135"ish diagonal 2.35 screen, and from what I'm reading, using a Panasonic AE8000u will allow me to do a CIH for 16:9 content as well.....(with some side masking)

Here is where I get confused, In all the reading and research I've done (a LOT), I can't figure out what the throw distance for the projector should be. The online calculator I've used says I need a brighter projector, but I've read of it being used in just this application at least twice.

I'm just about done with rough wiring, and I'd like to get this figured out, but its driving me crazy, not knowing where the projector should go.

Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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First off, welcome to the forum! If you do a spandex screen the gain will be about .8. With the Panasonic PT-AE8000 and a screen of 135" diagonal at a 2.39:1 ratio mounting the projector at 14'4" (near the minimum distance) would give you an image brightness of 15 fl. That would be a very watchable image in a dark room and is adequate for low ambient light. That would give you a screen that is 125" wide by 52" tall.
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That sounds great. Thanks for the welcome!!

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White/silver Milliskin Spandex came today.

I'll pick up the framing material and Screen-Tite stuff tonight, and hopefully have time to build a screen this weekend.


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where did you order the milliskin from?
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Spandex World.

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Darren, FWIW, I've been watching a 139" wide 2.35 screen with white over gray milliskin for the last 10 months using the AE8000. The PJ is in the back of the 22' room. With the lamp in eco mode, I have found the picture plenty bright.
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That's very reassuring. Thanks for replying. I'm hoping for some progress this weekend, finalizing the wiring and getting ready to insulate.

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Can you reply a direct link to the spandex? I see they have quite a few. I'm just trying to make my own screen. Thanks!!
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Here you go:

white http://spandexworld.com/c3/catalog/product/795
silver http://spandexworld.com/c3/catalog/product/10921
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I see that this says its 58/60 inches wide. Does this stuff stretch quite a bit? I need it to be 62" wide. Thanks!

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As long as you buy the 4-way stretch spandex you will have no trouble stretching the width ( height of screen) from 58" to 62".
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We used 3 yards to cover a 120"W by 68"H(16x9) frame. We only stretched the material enough to fit the form and have no wrinkles. I can touch the center of the stretched material and push in 3-5 inches pretty easily.

Make sure you use 1x4 for the framing, 1x3 is pretty flimsey at this size even with two supports.
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