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Can't set Pixel Format in AMD CCC [Solved]

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Hello AVS Community!


First my configuration

-AMD Radeon HD 5870 connected via HDMI to a Sony Bravia KDL-32BX300
-Windows 7 64bits
-CCC 13.9 (the absolute last as I installed it an hour ago) 64bits


I had the exact same problem before I reinstalled my entire Windows, and I had CCC 12. I only installed the AMD driver without installing the one proposed by Windows, so my system is quite clean, therefore reinstalling is not the solution.


Now the problem :

The image spontaneously turns Green/Blue from time to time, sometimes several times a minute, sometimes once every 10 minutes, it's very random. I have found a solution on the Internet (that seems to be unanimous) which consist of setting the Pixel Format in CCC to "Full RGB". However every time I do that, it switches back to its default setting 30 seconds later (the screen turns black for a second).

I noticed the same problem when changing the display I'm using (my DVI monitor and the bravia), although I can (sometimes) manage this by changing twice. I also noticed that CCC is an unstable software, not very fitted to Windows, so I suspect the software itself to be the problem.


Do any of you ever had this problem? If so, did you find a way to fix it?


Thank you for reading :)

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what video player(s) are you using? do you notice it when you are not doing any video at all?

some of the players will tell the video card drivers to take a hike and set their own color outputs.
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Now that you mention it, it happens more when watching videos ! I'm using VLC (aren't you surprised), I'll take a look at the settings but if you can give me any leads that'd be great :)



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sorry but I am not familiar with vlc.

my only suggestion is to make sure that you have basic video color checked to "use amd settings" under ccc->video->color
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I am running a 5870 M in my laptop (which doubles as my media center) when I went to 13.9 very recently I had numerous issues among them the image via HDMI turning odd colors. My solution was to reimage my laptop back to an older version of CCC - 12.10
Driver Packaging Version 9.002-120928m-148226C-ATI
Catalyst Version 12.10
Provider Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2D Driver Version
2D Driver File Path /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Control/CLASS/{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}/0000
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
Catalyst Control Center Version 2012.0928.1532.26058
PS I am also running 7 - 64 Bit
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Thank you Pittsoccer33, It solved my problem entirely! The solution was to change the video settings to AMD Settings and not "Player settings", surprisingly it seems to keep the pixel format to Full RGB as wanted :)

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