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BIC Venturi DV-64 vs Acoustech PL-76

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I need a set of speakers for a small room (12x18 or so). While they will be used more for home theater, I am much pickier when it comes to sound quality in music. I've narrowed my choices down to these:

Bic Venturi:
DV-64 and DV-62 CLRS

Bic Acoustech:
PL76 and FH6 LCR

In either case, I will not be buying a sub at this point in time but strong mid bass is important to me (I hate it when a punchy bass line goes flat and transparent as it rises in frequency).

I've heard the DV-84s before and really like what I heard. My brother has a pair and it was one of those moments where when I walked in to his home I thought to myself, "Wow, where is that sound coming from?" I had to scan the room for a bit to locate the speakers because the source was not obvious. My only slight criticism was the tone seemed a bit biased toward the bass side of the scale, but other than that the vocals and the piano in the song was very impressive and the tone bias could have been the recording. Since my room will be smaller, I think I would prefer the DV64s due to the supposedly more detailed upper mid range region and perhaps the smaller drivers will lessen the slight tone bias which may not even exist.

I have not heard the PL-76s, though i have heard Klipsch Icons at Best Buy. I thought the highs were, for the most part pretty good. The highs did get slightly screechy at times, but it didn't bother me too much. I can definitely see why people think horned speakers sound like a live concert now, which is neat, but perhaps a bit more like a large stadium concert than a concert in a more personal amphitheater. Overall, I kind of liked the brightness. My biggest complaint with them was the bass was really thin and boomy. Granted, the listening conditions were not ideal and I doubt the source was either, but the last time I heard Klipsch speakers (about 10 years ago) I was not impressed with the bass either (even with a matching sub, though to be fair the room the speakers were in was huge).

So, does anyone have any experience between the Venturi and Acoustech towers that can share their opinions?
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IMO the Acoustechs are better. Although I use mine mainly for movies and TV. The horn loaded tweeter is the heart and soul of these speakers, it makes even the softest whispers audible. My wife always complained with our other system that the voices were so hard to hear but now she said they are crystal clear.

Also If you get the Acoustech PL-76 get the matching center which is the PL-26. The PL-26 is basically the same speaker as the FH6-LCR but in a fancier cabinet. But the PL-76 is basically the same speaker as the FH-6T, so either get the towers and center from the Acoustech line or the Formula line for a matching look but other than that they should be sonically very similar.
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How do they work without a sub? Some reviews say the PL76s need to be crossed over around 100 hz, but reviews are all over the place regarding the bass on them. perhaps the speakers are more sensitive to the room they are in than other speakers?
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I have the PL-89s and I can tell you that when using Audyssey it calculates their -3db point somewhere below 40hz cuz it selects a 40hz xover. However I have them xovered at 80hz cuz I also run dual subs. I have the origional PL-89s not the new PL-89IIs but I will say they dig deep however their midbass is lacking.

It is just my opinion but I don't think any speakers should be run without a sub or 2, 3, or 4.
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