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POLL: Benq W1070/1080ST Rattling Fan Noise

Poll Results: My projector has a rattling fan

  • 81% (9)
    YES - my BenQ w1070/1080st PRODUCES a rattling noise
  • 18% (2)
    NO - my BenQ w1070/1080st fan generates a smooth and consistent noise
11 Total Votes  
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Does your Benq W1070/1080ST projector produce a fan rattling noise?
If you have one of these projectors, answer the POLL and let BenQ know! It would be helpful to report WHAT device you have and WHEN the issue started (in operational hours) and how many projectors you have been through.

Overview: I just received a NEW 1080ST from amazon that has a failing cooling fan that rattles, generating excess low-decibel rattling noise, with 0 operational hours on the device. The fan issue clearly sounds like a poorly manufactured fan that should have failed the manufacturer's and BenQ's Quality Assurance.

After speaking with BenQ Engineering support regarding the W1070 and the 1080ST, their issue tracking system does NOT show there is a problem with the cooling fans on these projectors.


rattling.MOV.zip 1077k .zip file
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I have had no problem with this noise. I will say that the fan is louder than other projectors that I have owned.
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yes after like 300 hour fans started to rattle and produce irregular noise .. search youtube for w1070 irregular noise

any idea of how to fix ?!!! wouldn't like the fan to fail and the device to overheat and die

i am thinking of blowing air inside or dissassembling cleaning fan then assembling again
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Mine has close to 1500 hours on it. Got it april this year and no noise at all just the normal fan noise. My seating position is directly under so you would think i would hear it.

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My replacement 1080ST showed up from Amazon yesterday and it is not making the noise. It was manufactured in July of 2013 and shipped with Firmware 1.02 as well as the old / smaller / non-backlit remote control that was sent back to Amazon and eventually BenQ. Upgrading to firmware 1.03 added functionality to support the backlit remote control. Lets see how many hours it lasts before the rattling / hard drive crunching / chirping noise starts up.
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I did not vote since I only have 22 hours on my W1080ST and not even a week in my house but I do not hear what you would call rattling fan noise. My was manufactured in July 2013 and was ordered from Amazon. I received firmware 1.03 and the the back-lit remote control to be honest I did not know they switched remote controls was just hoping I got a good working version with at least 1.03 firmware already installed.

Waiting a bit before my 30 days and ordering the 4 year protection plan from Squaretrade that pop up on Amazon.
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Is this a batch problem?
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How can I retract my poll? My projector no longer produces rattling sound. In both 3D and 2D, Smart Eco, it is just smooth fan noise. I'm on 5xx hours. It developed rattling at around 70, but now it seems to have gone, and I don't remember since when.
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I would suggest that people who reply to this poll also list their firmware version. I am wondering if a firmware change can fix the problem.
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A good point. Mine comes with 1.05, and have changed to 1.06. I can't contribute the disappearance of cricket to the firmware upgrade, but worth a thought.
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Mine is on 1.06 FW and no fan noise, 528 hrs on the projector.
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