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Pull Down Screen Choice

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A friend of mine is only able to use a pull down screen in his room and I am hoping to get advice on the best choice. His room has decent light control and he will be using a JVC X35 about 14' away from the screen mounted on the ceiling so I don't believe brightness will be an issue. His walls and ceiling are lighter colours so that is not ideal. So far I am thinking the Da Lite HCMW or the Elunevision Triton 1.2 mat white might be decent choices. I am uncertain about waving with either of these choices so if anyone has some better options I would appreciate your advice as well as whether either of the choices I have suggested has advantages over the other.

Thanks for your help.
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You should check out Grandview Cyber series, they are a well constructed pull-down screen. They cost a bit more than Elunevision, but they have more features such as slow-retract, self-lock, and L-bracket rail mounting system. My 106" looks great, only small waves that you can only see by looking at it from close to 180° viewing angle. They are also in BC as well so they are convenient for you.
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