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Klipsch speakers

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Hey all, I'm a complete newb on home theater. I have come across some klipsch speakers, from what I understand and judging by their price they are pretty good speaker.
Guy is selling 2 RB 61 book shelf speakers, one center speaker(not sure model yet) and one sub sw110. He says they are all mint. I'm still waiting on pictures but just wanted to know what your guys thoughts were.
Oh and he's asking 550$ for the whole lot.
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Have you heard Klipsch speakers?! Horn tweeters aren't for everyone and can be very forward. Not an expert on used speakers and prices...so no real opinion about that price.
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No I have not. Ive never really had a theatre setup. I had a htib that came with a tv once but that doesn't count. I'm used to tv speakers so. Was thinking of going with the polk rti a1, t15 and csi a6, but who knows. I probably wouldn't be able to hear a difference to my untrained ear. Please explain about the tweeters?
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Horn tweeter are very sensitive and can be very forward (strong sounding)...some like that sound, some dont. A decent modern receiver will allow you to eq that down, however.
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I have decided to pull the trigger as I got them for 500$. If I don't like ill just sell them and go on from there!
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If it's the matching RC-62 (or even RC-52) center channel than that is a steal. They are fantastic speakers.
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Good show! You'll love them.
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He messaged me after my wife picked them up and asked if I was looking for an avr. He's got the denon 1913 (my understanding last years version of the e400) so I may be picking that up aswell
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