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Why don't we have ip control

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With a lot of devices ( tv,players,amp and so on) having a Ethernet port why don't manufactures allow us to using phones or automation devices?

Sure better that an ir emitter stuck on a tv or something
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Lots of TVs and A/V receivers have apps. Some protocols are available, others have been reverse engineered.
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Many devices have their own apps for control. You can find them on stores: Google Play, AppStore. Also the majority of devices supports UpNP or DLNA standards. If the device or it's box has a sticker UpNp\DLNA, you can use a Universal App taken from the stores. Moreover there are universal software packages - like iRidium mobile for example - that can control smart homes, AV and automation equipment using iPhone, iPad, Android devices, etc.. Such packages have a prepared/ready to integrate list of supported devices (tvs, players, media-servers, receivers, etc.). With help of such software you can create your own project which will include/control all your devices.

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It would be nice if C4, Crestron,Elan and so on could control these devices without ir
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i don't think manufacturers care about 3rd party control.
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They can. I use IP drivers for TVs, AVRs, BD players & DirecTV receivers all the time with the Control4 systems I program.
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I just checked and CQC has IP drivers for sixty'ish devices. A few of those are software programs, the rest are lighting, security, A/V receivers and processors, media players, projectors and TVs, sat boxes, automation panels, IR blasters/receivers, power monitors, thermostats, etc...
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intertan, What devices does you want to control? I think we can find good solution

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