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One app to rule them all?

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I looked briefly at whole home automation about six years ago but never wen too far because of the cost. Now we've just moved into a new home and have a little leftover to build my new theater here and I figured I should revisit this idea.

I know there are a multitude of options for controlling lights, some fairly new. I know Crestron, Control4 and others used to make stuff that controlled HVAC, lights and components to some degree. I'm hoping someone here can save me hours of scouring and let me know which, if any, solutions would let me use one app on my iPad to control:

  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Nest Thermostats
  • A surround pre/processor (looking like a Marantz 7701 or 8801 most likely)
  • A projector
  • Blu-ray playback on a PS 4

In short, has any headway been made on reducing latency when controlling IR devices via Wi-Fi or some other wireless protocol, and is there an iPad-based solution that does all that stuff and lighting?
Are Nest thermostats compatible with any apps designed for AV control or lighting control?

If the only way to do this smoothly is via an expensive system, I might consider that, so I'm not necessarily looking for a cheap DIY cluster of products from differing manufacturers that sometimes work, I would prefer to control as much as I can with one single easy-to-use interface.

Thanks in advance!
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Not out of the box. You're going to have to program/configure/design it to make it work that way.

Nest API is not available until next year. Some workarounds currently exist, but nothing official.

Even if you have a single app that does everything, you won't be able to fit all the controls on a single page. Switching pages is not that different from switching between apps on a modern multitasking device. But people seem to make a big deal of it. I'd like to see a new south park episode come out where the new ipad can only install and run one app. ever. really, kenny? angry birds?

Start looking at: iRule, Roomie, Command Fusion, others...
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I wouldn't expect an app to fit everything on one page, but using a swipe gesture or tap to go between HVAC, Lighting and components would be easier than hitting the Home button, swiping, tapping another app, then finding what I want to change, hitting the home button, then swiping back to the app I started with just to get back where I started.
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I suppose. Though switching between already running apps is not that complicated on ipad and android task switcher is very simple too (or Kakudo). The question is how much leg work are you willing to do to avoid that gesture/tap sequence.


Switching Between Apps. The most useful of the multitasking gestures is the ability to switch between apps by using four fingers and swiping left or right on the screen.
Bringing Up the Task Bar. A very useful feature that is often overlooked, the task bar can be used to switch between apps, close apps completely -- which is handy if your iPad is running slow -- or control your music playback by swiping right to bring up some music controls. Normally, you bring up the task bar by double clicking the home button, but with mulitasking gestures, you can pinch out with four fingers just as you might zoom into a webpage or picture when pinching out with just two or three fingers.
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Have a look at the iRule thread in the Remote Controls sub forum (I suspect you may have already done so by the title of this thread!). IP controllable devices require no additional hardware once said devices are on your network and IR or RS232 devices can be integrated with relative ease. I'd be happy to demo the stuff I am controlling via iRule/Global Cache gateway (I have a mix of IP devices and IR stuff). Shoot me a pm if you are interested in a drive to RI to see 3 rooms of A/V stuff (lighting is coming soon) under one app control.
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