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Xbox One - Media Center Extender

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What is Microsoft doing with the Media Center Extender for the Xbox One?  I read somewhere that it will not be included in the new Xbox.  Microsoft however has included Tv on the the Xbox One thru your cable box.  This just seems to be a step backward.  I've only been using the Xbox 360 and InfiniTV CableCard for a few weeks now and when I had the tech installing my CableCard he was on speaker phone with another tech activating my CableCard.  The tech at my house was complaining about how there was no training for CableCard installs, (he said he was told by a superior to just plug in the cable card give the customer the phone and walk away).  The tech on the other end of the phone said that the Xbox One will be requiring a CableCard soon. (I guess she was implying that these installs would become more common.)  Why would she say that?  Did she actually know some inside information or could it just be speculation without knowing how the new Xbox actually works?  I really like the clean interface of having tv/dvr on my computer and Xbox without the need for a 2002 era cable box.  I cannot imagine that if I were to get the Xbox One that I would actually have any inclination to call the cable company and ask them for one of these boxes.  What does everyone think about this?  Is this one step backward so they can take 2 steps forward soon?

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There is no Media Center Extender in the One. And there is no CableCard support in the One, the cable tech had no idea what they were talking about.
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No media extender means no One for me.
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Originally Posted by TornadoTJ View Post

No media extender means no One for me.

Well if there is no One for you, does that mean that your......

FOREVER ALONE??? lol... Couldnt resist!!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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I'm disapointed about this too...
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I agree with everyone else here. I'm a software engineer. I'm guessing the reason they don't have it already is because it's not written in c# managed code. The Extender functionality is probably even worse because it was written for the xbox 360's Power PC processor. I wouldn't be surprised if it were heavily dependent on the hardware for optimization.


Regardless... perhaps this is their chance to finally port the extender functionality to c#?

That would mean that any windows tablet could also be an extender too!


Microsoft, THIS is your market to own!

Integrate media center into the app model.

Finish it!


Here is how it could look.

Break the Media Center functionality into an individual smaller app.

Live TV, Recorded TV, Guide and Recording functionality can be a smaller app.


You dont need to try and integrate Radio, Netflix, Video files, Pictures, Movies and Music.

You should actually take a page from Mediacenter and integrate the "background video" functionality into Windows 8 and Xbox One. Just like iPad has the audio and video buffers at kernel level, you could allow apps like youtube, your native video app, netflix and now Mediacenter to "play in the background" with the mostly faded video box in the bottom left of the tablet. Rather than just being able to snap a video to take over half the screen allow the user to let what they are watching fade into the background of the bottom left hand corner as they surf the web or check on something else. They could stop video playback by swiping the video away, or you could even integrate play pause ff rw controls into the os the way the iPad did. Perhaps when you're playing audio or video the charm on the right has play controls integrated? Just some ideas.


All the windows 8.1 Media Center functionality stands on it's own. It's a 110$ upgrade for windows 8, and well worth it. It pays for itself in about 2 month of cable subscriptions. I'm sure Microsoft is getting paid by cable providers, but you can have it both ways by supporting the cable box and by supporting those who ditched cable for Free Over the Air 1080p 5.1 HD TV.

This is the market, and you need to corner it! Apple's rumored to be integrating games more into the appleTV. You need to make smartglass more like airplay, letting you take over the XBox One with whatever you want from the tablet. Rather than only being able to add functionality INTO smartglass, allow developers to plug smartglass video playback into their apps. Currently I can pull up the netflix app on the iPad and airplay it to my dumb tv or my projector through the appleTV. This gives users more ways to interact with and control their tv through the XBox One.

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Microsoft doesn't care about Media Center or Extenders in general. They want it dead and buried. Their focus now is getting people to use their "Xbox services" instead.
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