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My first system ,Yamaha RX-V 673 and Klipsch RF-42II Home Theater Bundle-FREE BIC Acoustech PL-200
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After hearing your podcast , interview fall of 2012 with Andrew Jones I went out and picked up the pioneer Andrew Jones 2012 tower , bookshelf, center set and loved them so match we're also using a pair of the fs52 towers for a separate dedicated stereo solution.
In fact it's time to purchase a backup of each type of speaker with current sales and the fact that I don't know what I'd do if I had to replace anything, I want a backup :-)
Thanks to your podcast, AJones interview else I would have never ever considered Pioneer budget priced speakers !
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I currently have OMNI SAT SERIES 5 but bought 2 extra for a 7.1 config paired wit a Omni S9 SUBWOOFER and it sounds great.
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Correction it's an Omni S10 Sub
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Originally Posted by MassConfusion View Post

Ive heard great things about the energy take classic 5.1 package and polk blackstone package.
1 of those was going to be my pick till i went with with the polk rtia line. So happy i went my current route

I've found I like the name "Blackstone" better than I do the resultant sound from the speakers. smile.gif

It's a very cool name.
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Entry Level system: Definitive Pro Cinema 800 system ($1200). A versatile Sat/Sub system for a small family room or bedroom.

Mid Level system: SVS Ultra Tower System with a PB12 Plus subwoofer ($5000). A wonderful combination of accuracy and slam for most domestic situations.

High End system: Klipsch THX Ultra 7.1 system ( $12,000). This horn-based system is all business. Everything you need to reproduce cinema quality sound at prodigious sound pressure levels in serious dedicated home theaters.

Cost No Object system: Bowers and Wilkins CT800 7.1 dream system ($90,000). Want to know how your favorite movie or music sounded while being mixed at Skywalker Sound or Abbey Road....?
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I am sure no one will agree with me but the Fluance XLHTB is pretty darn good in my book. I have it set up in my living room with my Pioneer Elite Pro-151FD.

Beautiful fit and finish, darn good sound and you can get a 5.0 system for $600. ($800 on the site, but if you are willing to work a bit, you can get a pair of the towers new for $300 on ebay. Then the rears and centers for an additional $300)

This gets you:
2 full size towers with built in down firing 8" subs, one 1" Neodynium Silk Dome Tweeters and two 5" Mids
2 Surround sound speakers with the same Tweeters and Mids
1 Center with the same tweeter and 2 Mids.

I have mine paired with a used VTF-2 (I know that doesn't count) but I would also be willing to pair it with a new VTF-2 MK4 to complete the set for $1200 getting you a very nice Home Theater system.
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For value, I think BIC Acoustech gets you a great sounding and looking setup. I enjoy mine and have not been disappointed.
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Back in 2008 I purchased the Klipsch Quintet II 5 speaker setup and I really liked their sound. However I found the center channel sounded quite different from the single driver satellites. Recently I found another Quintet setup in a thrift shop for very little money so I purchased it. I replaced the regular center channel speaker with another satellite and, since the sub-woofer did most of the heavy lifting I didn't hear any strain in the undersized, but equal to all its neighbors, new center channel. And the improved seamlessness of the sound made the change quite worthwhile.

I like the sound, but I bet I'd like several of the other setups I've read about in this list more. I do really notice the improved quality of having all 5 speakers being exactly the same. There is no change of timbre in shared instruments, voices.
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I've had the Energy Take 5s in the past and they were good for smaller rooms. I upgraded to B&W CM series and they sound phenomenal. I don't know if they would qualify as a "set". I have heard the Goldenear setup and for a 5 or 7 channel setup they are amazing!
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Originally Posted by extotherule View Post

I am sure no one will agree with me but the Fluance XLHTB is pretty darn good in my book. I have it set up in my living room with my Pioneer Elite Pro-151FD.

No one has to agree with you. Scott is asking for your favorite -- not everyone else's -- so what you posted is just fine. If you like them that's all that matters in this case.
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Those who know me know I'm an AV enthusiast on a budget so a I was very happy when I found a Velodine Front Row System at a thrift shop few years ago. I have been very happy with this system and people with more expensive systems are impressed. To bad they stopped doing surrounds.
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The JBL sc135 set I have has been good for ten years now. Only use a couple for my rears since I'm against the wall but still sound great.
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I vote for the( Hsu Research Hybrid15 ) 5.1 system that I've been enjoying for several months now. I also give a big thumbs up to the Pioneer speakers, as they are now what my garage system is made up of. They have to be one of the best values around. The only change I made to the Pioneer system was swapping out the subwoofer for my old Hsu VTF-2. I get a lot of good comments on their sound.

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Originally Posted by Kascnef82 View Post

When i first bought my first home theater for my room, it was a sony 5.1 home theater in a box. It was decent, but the avr broke so i got newer ones as I kept my sony speakers from 2002 as well as the sub, which work well with my first lossless AVR the yamaha. So i say Sony is a good bet.

You sir, are a very brave man to mention Sony and speaker in the same sentence on this forum smile.gif
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Revel Concerta series (F12s, C12, M12s). Arguably the best sound/dollar ratio in history :-D

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Canton Vento 890.2 DC
Canton Vento 858.2
Canton Vento 830.2
Canton SUB 850 R
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