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Oppo 103 + Harmony  

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Rather than me waste a lot of time with trial and error, I am figuring surely others here use a harmony remote with the 103 or 103D so could tell me how to fix this issue. When using an activity button, it's not properly putting the oppo on the right input. And then if you use help on the remote it still never gets it right because each time you put "no" that it did not fix it, it starts at the top of the input menu, yet again, and goes down ONE time. So it just keeps going to the same stupid input over and over.

Some other issues include TiVo menus seeming to be more sluggish than usual, but I am assuming that can't be "fixed", as it will just be the fault of the oppo itself. Either that or I am imagining it being slower, but I think I read somewhere about there being some issues when connecting TiVo to it.

edit: If anyone has suggestions for another brand of high end blu ray player, please let me know. I'll leave it at that.
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PM me or one of the other mods with the correct model number, and we will move your post to the correct thread.

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