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In my living room I have built up a modest HT setup that needs to pull double duty as a music listening area as well as movie/television watching.

System gear is:
AVR = Pioneer Elite SC-65
Front L/R = Bozak 305's 16Ohm (large floor speakers with 2 12" woofers per cabinet)
Center = no center (phantom)
Front Height L/R = Klipsch Quintet II satellites
Rear Surround = Klipsch Quintet II satellites
Sub = Klipsch 12" that came with the Quintet set

I recently upgraded my AVR from an old HK AVR130 to the SC-65 which was a great upgrade!
I was thinking my next upgrade would be a cIntosh MC2100 (autoformers with 16Ohm tap) for the Bozak's.
Next I was thinking about upgrading my sub to dual Hsu 15"s.
It sound's pretty good now, but I know there's got to be a lot of room for improvement.

Looking at this system, what would you upgrade next?

Couple of pictures of the living room: