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Home Media Server/ networking questions

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Hello, i have been reading your site for a while now to find out about a Media server/ NAS but this is my first post.

I am in the UK i know most of you are in the US but that  shouldn't  make much of a difference.

I am looking to build a Media Server to allow content to be streamed from 2 PCs, handheld devices and some consoles/TVs.

I dont have internal cat6 wiring, so i can only think of wireless for the job but i dont know if wireless could handle it.

For wireless is it possible to have the server sending out the wireless signal and connecting to that directly rather than through a router?

I could perhaps use the powerline  adapters  that use the house electrical wiring  to get a wired signal.


For the server i wasn't thinking too much power


Just like a haswell  Pentium 

on a mini itx board with 6+ sata ports

or should i use a raid card?

around 4GB of ram

and maybe 8-10TB of storage

what raid would be best?

along with a wireless network card

I dont know if these specs are good enough

But im unsure of what OS to use

Is Plex good for multiple devices?

Is FreeNas just as good?

 or any others?


Also does anyone know of a good way to  minimize HDD sound as i would like it to be fairly quiet. 


Thank you for your time and help

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Plex simplifies things for the clients so all you really need is a PC that runs Plex media server.

* Windows 8.1 will be fine for the task if you use Windows storage spaces which is Windows internal RAID system, very easy to use and manage. The HDD's just operate as standalone drives (no bios level RAID config) in windows and storage spaces combines them at a virtual level, use parity mode to make use of space and add fault tolerance.

* CPU wise a Core i5 or maybe an i3 will do the job for transcoding content with Plex.

* The only real thing to decide on is the case, get a big one or a fat one with lots of HDD bays, Lian Li make lots of unusual cases.

Also if the motherboard you pick doesn't have enough SATA ports thats no problem just make sure the board has one or two PCI-e x2 or x4 slots and buy a 4 port SATA controller to add more, be sure to get Marvell equipped ones like one of these or these.

I would not recommend Freenas unless you have a good understanding of linux or are willing to learn, Freenas only works well with network shared folders, installing media server on it can be a very messy process but Plex is possible on Freenas.

Just configure Windows 8 to auto logon so when it reboots from forced windows updates it automatically starts back up along with boot Plex at startup.
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Thank you for the reply, i will be checking out Plex in more detail.

Do you have any  knowledge on wireless or wried for the server??

thank you  

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Wired to your wireless router would be best, if wired is not possible get powerline adapters (called homeplugs in your area) they will send ethernet over power cables.
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