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What now after plasma

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I have a 8 year old panny plasma that I love. 42" 720p all for $2400 back in the day. smile.gif. I see Panasonic is discontinuing plasma. I'm curious what the new tech is ? Who are the big tv guys these days? And are vizio TVs any good? Great prices at Costco but no nothing about them. Any thoughts to point me in the right direction to start research would be great!
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If you are looking for new display, I would pick one of the last best plasma breeds before they are gone for good. S60/ST60//VT60/ZT60 are all this years new models. For plasmas Panasonic have been king for the last few years, Samsung finally made a very good top of the line plasma this year as well (F8500). As for new technologies are concerned, OLED is the next big thing, very pricey at this point but superior in picture quality. 4K LCD's are out now as well Sony,Samsung,Panasonic, soon others will come. Not as pricey as OLED but with 4K content they look spectacular, the only problem is that there is not much true 4K content out there and it's still a few years away until cable here in North America has it. It does upscale all your current content nicely though. Hope this helps a bit. As for Vizio, I would only look at the top of the line series, nothing else.
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It really boils down to your viewing environment (light control or not) and how picky you are about PQ. LCD has certain drawbacks (off axis viewing) that can be bothersome depending on your seating arrangement. Some brands are worse than others. With LCD's you generally get what you pay for. Plasma's offer great value for the size desired which could improve or get worse depending on how retailers handle the last of their inventory. All plasma's are Active 3D as are most LCD's. More are realizing the benefits of passive 3D. Smart really doesn't matter since most new blu-ray players are smart (as low as $59.99). In my mind a simple equation is, plasma is heavier, uses more electricity, gets warmer, is a bargain, has better PQ in a light controlled room. Your kids won't care. Your wife probably won't care. Your guests probably won't care. If it were me I would care and get a plasma.
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